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Monday, October 8, 2007


Can you say busy?!?!?!? I swear I feel like I've been going non stop for the past week!!!! It has been a busy time for sure. Hubby is HOME - safe and sound!!! I can't thank you all enough for your prayers!!! Adjustment is well... it is going!!! :)

We spent most of the day today buying bird feeders, feed and a bird bath for our yard!!! I purchased a feeder about three weeks ago and I am simple amazed at all the birds that have shown up in our yard!!! It is sooo cool to go outside and sit on the patio and listen and watch the birds - so we decided to add a few more items to our little oasis today!!!

Tomorrow we are heading up to the mountains of North GA!!!!! Whooo Hooo!!! I can't wait!!! I have the car already packed - not sure how I did it but I actually got everything plus the kitchen sink (so it seems) in the trunk of my convertible!!! We rented a cabin up in the mountains that has a creek running through the yard!! I am soooooooooo excited I can't hardly stand myself!!! I promise to post lots of photos when we get back....

Speaking of getting back... wow - when we get back from the mountains we only have about four days until all our family starts flying in for "Mock Thanksgiving"!!! I am also very excited about that as well!!! My turkey is purchase (28 lbs), my ham is bought (11 lbs) - all I can say is let the feasting begin!!!!

Needless to say, I will be hit and miss the next few weeks - but the good news is I have a five hour car ride to and a five hour car ride from the mountains - sounds like a great time to design a few new files if you ask me!!!!

Hope you all are well!!!

Until next time!



Sunday, October 7, 2007

Card Challenge for October 2007

In honor of National Card Making Day, here is a card challenge. Presented by Lori and Chris for the members of Paperthreads Forum and the visitors to our blogs. This challenge is for a card made from one of our files. You do not have to use a pre-existing card file, but just one of our files to create a card of any variety. You can enter as many card as you'd like in the challenge. And the members of the Paperthread Forum will get to vote on it for a few short days and the top three winners will receive files of their choice of either Lori's or Chris's. This is the first time we have tried a joint challenge. If it goes well, we hope there will be more in the future.

Thank you for participating!
Lori & Chris

IMPORTANT DATES:Post your pictures at the Challenge Gallery October 19th-21st Link to come...Polling will be October 22nd - 24th. Winner will be announced on the 25th.

Criteria to enter the challenge:

1) The criteria is that the card is created from any of my files (Chris Durnan) or Lori McDonalds (Beloved Keepsakes) file. Any of the files are usable for this challenge and it doesn't have to be a pre-exiting card file. Anything you embellish it with and anyway you put it together would be your creative license. Additional designers files can be used, but at least one of my files or Lori's must obvious when looking at the card. (If it is questionable that at least one of our files is not included then your entry will be invalid.)

2) It is posted in the Challenge gallery at Paperthreads sometime from October 19th-21st.

3) Please post the card and list the file you used in the description at the gallery.

4) Voting will start on October 22nd, and will run through October 24th. With the winners announced on or around October 25th, 2007. They will be voted on by the members of the forum at Paperthreads.

First Place: You can chose three files of your choice from Chris's past blog posts or from Lori's files in the store.

Second Place: You can chose two files of your choice from Chris's past blog posts or from Lori's files in the store.

Third Place: You can chose one file of your choice from Chris's blog posts or from Lori's files in the store.


Hopefully, I have answered most everything. But if not, post any questions you may have in this thread.

Make sure to post your photos in the challenge gallery at Paperthreads which will be setup before the 19th.

Be Creative and Enjoy!!!
Chris Durnan http://visualdesignsbychris.blogspot.com/
Lori McDonald http://www.belovedkeepsakes.blogspot.com/

Fine Print for winners: Each freebie given away on my blog or of Lori's Store files counts as one file choice. Some sets have more then one download, i.e. Name Books and could count for multiple choices. For those who have been with me from the start and don't have a file they have missed, I will keep a running log of your choices and you have until November 31st to use it up on any future missed freebies offered on my blog. The winning file choices only come from my blog and not the Paperthreads Store and for Lori's files from the store. Winner's pictures will be posted blog after voting is finished, entering the contest is an agreement for use of these photos with credit given to the creator, by myself or Lori for future promotions. There is no monetary value associated with this challenge. Entering your photo of project in this challenge is an agreement to the above terms.

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