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Thursday, November 22, 2007

New files on Turkey Day!

Ok - in addition to the fivenew files I posted day before yesterday - I also have these two new files up in the store!!! Just in time for the sale. You do remember that the sale starts today right?!?!?!

I also have several more that will be coming in the next few weeks as my health will allow.....

So this first one.... Well Bec - this one is for you (please email me so I can give you a copy of it for free!!)!!! You said that you are "seldom in the pictures", you are usually "behind the camera". So that got me to thinking.... and I did this file "Hiding behind the Camera" - I also included the titles "Watch the Birdie" and Say Cheese"......

Then this file has to be one of my all time favorites..... you see while my in-laws were here for "Mock Thanksgiving" last month - I just happened to catch them BOTH ASLEEP on my sofa after dinner...... so I thought this file would be perfect to document that occasion!!!! (I would post a copy of that photo - but it is way way way toooooo close to Christmas and my Birthday for that!!! LOL)
Also - a few weeks ago I had some one say that were having a hard time getting a soccer ball to look right.... can you email me..... who ever you were! I have new file coming out soon and I would like for your input on it!!! (Thanks in advance!!!)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.....

Wow - here it is - the "REAL" Thanksgiving....

And I have to tell you there are sooo many things in my life to be thankful for....... So here are just a few that I wanted to recognize.

1) I am sooo thankful that we live in America where we can announce our faith, live in a land that prospers, and where we have human and even plush living conditions.

2) I am thankful that we have men and women that are willing to die to protect those freedoms for us. Both here at home and far away on other soils.

3) I am sooo thankful that hubby is here at home safe and sound. That he will actually get to spend the holidays at home surrounded by those who love and care for us.

4) I am sooooo very thankful for great family - both his and mine. I am also thankful for the wonderful friends I have. The people that support me day in and day out. (I couldn't even begin to make this list so I am not even going to try!!! But these people KNOW who they are!!)

5) I am very thankful that I have a job that allows me to do what I love to do. I am thankful that those I work with are honest, caring, wonderful people. And I am grateful for a husband who supports my dream, supports my business even when it isn't making the car payment (which was the deal!!!)

6) I am thankful for my health... even though it isn't the best right now and I'll be having at least one of not two surgeries soon. I am thankful as it could always be worse and I know that God will protect me and help me recovery.

7) I am thankful for you - my blog readers!! I know that sounds silly - but I am. Some of you are customers, some of you are friends, some of you are family - and some of you.... well I don't know you from Adam. But it nice to know that people care about what I have to say. It is nice to know that people think I am funny or witty (and I am neither of those things!)

Ok - this is starting to get tooooo mushy.... LOL So I will leave it at that.... but there are a ton more things I could add to this list!!!! How about you? What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving???

Ok - now as you know... Myself, Chris and Shirley along with some of the other designers are having a SALE!!! Yep - -that's right a THANKSGIVING WEEKEND SALE...... make sure you stop by Paperthreads and pick up all the new, latest and greatest files!!!

I hope this Thanksgiving allows you time to be with family and loved ones..... I encourage you to take a moment and think about what you are thankful for this season.

As for me - I am out of here..... off to my best friend's house in FL for Thanksgiving feast and then on Friday it is a day of SHOPPING with my very best gal pal!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!! And the hubbies are keeping the kids!!!! (Oh yeah, oh yeah - doing the happy dance here - oh yeah oh yeah!!) Bahahahaha....

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody.... and Remember my motto......

Oh and if you didn't know - this file is available at Paperthreads!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
Until Next Time!



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Awwww... Thanks!

First of all - I want to say thank you sooo very much for all the well wishes and prayers. This medical thing is a little overwhelming - as I said yesterday - when did I get soooo OLD!!! LOL So I greatly appreciate your prayers and kind words!!!

Also thank you to all those who dropped off at my friend Susan's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday yesterday!!! She got a ton of well wishes and was quite suprised!!! So THANKS!!!

I am off to a Dr's appointment and then to have a CT scan done.... but before I go - I wanted to share with you five new files that are up in the store..... I hope to have some more up tomorrow - but we will have to wait and see!!!

Thanks for looking! I hope you have a great day!

Until Next Time!



Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate to be a DD/Birthday Wishes

Don't you just hate to go to people's blogs and all they do is complain, complain and complain. Or do you work with someone who is like that? There is ALWAYS something going on with them... there mother is sick, their dog ran away, their cat died, their house got broke into - gosh who knows what might happen tomorrow because all that happened just today! Oh don't you just hate knowing or even being a "Debbie Downer" (aka DD)????

I know that I hate reading stuff like that - so when writing this blog I feel like I am walking a fine line. What do you tell the readers? Do you tell them everything? Do you leave out the bad parts? Only tell them the good???

But on the other hand - if there is something that is going on that will effect your blog or how often you write, or it is going to effect your work - and how many new files you have... should you share that information?!?!?

Then there is the family aspect... I mean my family does read this blog - as they are trying to keep up with us youngin's here in the real word...

So as you can see it is quite hard to decided what to write and what not to!!! LOL

Having said alllll of that - I guess what I will say (and I hope I don't come off as a Debbie Downer) is that I went to the hospital on Friday for this kidney stone which I was sure I had, (and if you will recall, I just passed a small one two weeks ago).

Well - sure enough, I have a 5mm kidney stone in my right kidney - BUT oh by the way Mrs. McDonald - You also have two gallstones (one that is blocking the duct) and we are a little worried about something we see on your liver.... HOLLY COW!!!! When did I get old!!!! When did I start having medical problems!!!!!

So - as you can see the next few weeks are filled with Dr's appointments, Cat Scans, test, lab work, etc.... so if I am not as chatty as I normally am - well.... I just felt I owed it to you, my readers, to tell you the REAL REASON why!!

Now you know the real deal - IF you are still reading this of course.... lol - Don't forget I will be having an "AFTER THANKSGIVING SALE" at Paperthreads!!! ALL my file will be 30% off - and I am doing my best to get all my new files in the store BEFORE the sale!!!!!

I'll keep you posted as I add them!!!

Once again - so, so, so sorry to drag you into my crappy life right now - but I would rather tell you the truth now - than you wonder were in the heck am I later!!!!

Until Next Time (which will be more upbeat I PROMISE)!!!


PS - If you are still reading this post - please visit my friend and prayer warrior Susan's blog and leave a comment telling her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Doesn't matter if you know her or not. Doesn't matter if you have ever visited her blog before or not - I would just love for her to get a ton of comments on her blog today wishing her a "Happy Birthday"! She has been there for me in some really tough and hard times..... and I would like to send a few well wishes to her on her special day!!!! So wa'cha waiting for!!! Go on do it!!! Bahahaha... and thank you!

I'll leave you today with a layout my friend Susan did... she designed the concept in her head and then I had the pleasure of trying to actually put it on paper and then to design it and cut it out on my cutter!!! I have to say it was an AWESOME layout in the end!!!! Hope you enjoy seeing it!!!

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