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Friday, September 7, 2007

I'm loving it!!!

Happy Friday!!!! Hope your day is flying by! IT will be the weekend soon!!!

Personally, I have what my momma would call the "lowaggiepoggies" - I just feel blah. My tummy hurts and over all I have no motivation to do anything!!! I think it is probably stress related - it has been a month of "stuff" to say the least....

One really cool thing has happened today though!!! The mail lady brought me a package!!! First of all - if you recall my love language is receiving gifts.... well this is a gift I purchased for myself - but I have to tell you - I am soooooo totally loving it!!!!

See as most of you know I got a new car a few months back... my DREAM car to boot!!! (My hubby is just sooo awesome!!! Of course I may never see another birthday or Christmas present again, but hey!!! LOL)

Well when I got the car - they had one of those license plate frames that advertises for the dealership! I think not! Not on my dream car!!! So I promptly removed it as soon as we got home. I have been on a quest every since then - looking for just the "PERFECT" license plate frame.

Do you know how hard it is to find a license plate frame now days! Sheesh!!! Finally, I found THE ONE!!!! Of course you have to know the story behind why it is soooo perfect!

Being an Army wife has its ups and downs to say the least - but just one year after we got married - hubby got deployed for the first time...... I had never been through a deployment before and it was very rough! Needless to say, I had good days and I had bad days through out the nine months that he was gone.....

Well on one of those "bad days" Hubby just happened to call home. I was crying and carrying on (according to his version of the story) about how I couldn't do this anymore, how I hated the deployment, yada yada yada.... Hubby being a rough and tough Army Ranger, Airborne Paratrooper was having none of this... and his reply to me was, "Suck it up Ranger and Drive on!"

I went from sad and depressed to PO'ed in two point two seconds! I was like - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! LOL

Well to this day - we still laugh about this. As a matter of fact just a few weeks ago hubby said him and some other guys were sitting around in the mess hall over in the sandbox and one of the new guy's was talking about how his wife was upset and not dealing very well with with him being gone. He asked the other guys - like hey - what do you say to your wives when this happens.... My hubby pipped up real fast and real loud - "I know what NOT TO say!!!" (Who said you can't train up right?!?!?!) Bahahahahahahaha!!!

So now, having heard this story, you will totally understand why I now (as of today) proudly display this license plate frame on my new car!!!!

(Sorry about the blur - but I didn't want to post my plate number to all of cyber world!)

Hope this post got a smile out of you... Don't forget to sign up for Pirate Bingo at the Paperthread's forum - the prize list is growing fast!!!!

Have a great weekend!
Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Thursday, September 6, 2007

So have you heard.....

Yep that's right - I am hosting BINGO - make sure you sign up on the Paperthreads Forum!! It is going to be a wild ride and before we are done - I am sure that someone will be forced to walk the plank!

(A very special thanks to my friend and fellow designer - Chris Durnan for making this awesome image for me!!)

It has been a crazy day - will try to catch you all up tomorrow!! But for those who want to know- I did start on my project - spray painting is complete!!!

Until Next Time!

Cya ~

Cpt BK (aka Lori)


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Projects, Projects and More Projects!!!

Hi and Hello! Sorry for the late afternoon post today it has been another busy one for sure!!! My day started off with a two hour conversation with the GA Dept of Revenue where I was transferred not one, not two, but 16 times!!!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!!!!

Then the restoration company came out and say a thank you - they are FINALLY done with the repairs from the leaky roof I had - hmmmm - TWO months ago!!! But the good thing about having a leaky roof (I am trying to be positive here and think of only the good things!!!) is that I got my living room, dinning room and kitchen repainted - and that has inspired me to do some home improvements/updated decorating!

Hubby will be home in four weeks!!!!! Whoooo Hoooooo!!! And we are having relatives come in for a week for "Mock Thanksgiving!" So it will be nice to have a newly decorated, warm cozy house to entertain in!

So on that note - here is a photo of the supplies I purchased last night after having dinner with my lawyer friend. I am going to keep you hanging on this one.... I guess you will just have to keep checking back to see what these supplies become!!! (But I do have to say I am very excited about this project!!!)

Oh - and here is a bargain shopping tip for you.... My friend Amy tooted her horn on this glue called Zip Dry Glue..... well you know me. If someone says that they love love love something I want to try it out! So I did an Internet search and the cheapest I could find it was $5.29 on ebay! Well you know I am cheap - so I decided that the next time I went into town I would look for it. Wally world didn't have it, but AC Moore did! It was $4.79 so that was cheaper than online and no shipping!

I took my bottle up to the cashier to pay for it - and she had this big grin on her face - and said "This is going to be less than you think it is. It is actually on clearance but we haven't had time to print the stickers out"...... Any holly cow - it was $1.75!!!!!! So you know I had to go back and get another bottle!!! Then I called my designer friends and asked them did they want me to pick them up some too!!! So two trips later and five bottles of glue - I am a HAPPY CAMPER!!! (So if you want to try this glue out - check your AC Moore, in the glue section - and if it isn't marked down - ask them at the counter!!!)

Hope you are having a great day.... I'm off to work on my project!
Until Next Time!



Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Man... how time flies!!

Can someone please explain to me where the time goes?!?!? I swear I got up at 7:30 AM this morning. I came in and checked my email, then I tried cutting a file with my KNK - that didn't go to well - so I fought with that for a little, post a question on the KNK group.......

Hmmm... check the message board at Paperthreads, talked to Michelle who walked me through my silly mistake on the KNK (and I am happy to report I am cutting now!! Whooo Hoooo!!!)

Answered more email. Tried to talk to hubby - but something weired is going on with his headphones. The repair people came out to finish the repairs on my house, they didn't finish. They left and then came back and still didn't finish.

Tried talking to hubby again - still didn't work. Answered more emails. Checked the message board again. Fought with the lady at the GA Department of Labor (grrrrr!!!). Talked to two of my friends on the phone. Bought some new dishes!! Talked to the repair people who now hope to finish up tomorrow...... Man - where did the time go?!?!?!

So here I am blogging - First I want to say thank you sooooo very much for all the people that went out and purchased my files yesterday at Paperthreads!!! Looks like it was a good day for the sale!! I can't thank you all enough for supporting me as a designer and buying my stuff!! So thank you!!!!

Second - did you notice up above when I said I bought new dishes!!! Yummy!!! I have been talking about buying a lowboy for my dinning room - and I thought that I had it narrowed down to the one I wanted. Well to get it in my dinning area space I was going to have to off center the table.... so I moved the table to where it was going to have to be moved too and kind of lived with it like that for a few days. Then it dawned on me.... one of the reasons we picked this house plan was because it was soooo open. My kitchen, living area, and dinning room is one big open space for the most part - and if I move everything to make the lowboy fit - it was going to look crowded..... so I bought new dishes instead!!!

My kitchen has a "bird house" theme to it.. and all the bird house stuff you see most of the time is very country. And while I AM A COUNTRY GIRL - I don't really decorate in the country style! And then I found these!!! I am sooo excited!! They are kind of hmmm, whimsical and girlie to boot!

Add to the fact that I got a 12 piece place setting - I am major excited and just in time for Mock Thanksgiving. We are having 8 people staying at our house for a week and we only had seven plates (as one has gotten broken along the way!!!).

And lastly - I got up yesterday morning to an email from my hubby - he actually sent PHOTOS!!!! Now you have to understand I have been begging for pictures forever and then low and behold I got 27 of them yesterday!!! Whooooo Hoooooo!!!!! So I thought I would share one of my favorites with you!!!!

Hope all is well with you - and that your time isn't flying as fast as mine!!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, September 3, 2007

A Little Freaked Out...

Ok so I have to know - who else besides me is a little freaked out that Christmas is only 113 days away??? I have got to get major busy and get it kicked in high gear if I even think I am going to get all my gifts made in time!!!!

So with mine and Chris's files being on sale today (and today only - for 30% off) at Paperthreads, I got to thinking what could I make outside the realm of scrapbooking, but still use my KNK and Wishblade to do the hard work of cutting out the majority of the stuff!!!

With that in mind - here are TEN things you can use cutter files to decorate BESIDE scrapbooking pages, cards or journals!

1) Recipe Boxes! I love these!!!! I plan to make several for Christmas! (I asked all the people that I want to make these for to share six of their favorite recipes with me - and I will print them all out - so when completed - the tin will already have 36 recipes inside!!!)

2) How about altered photo frames.

3) Altered paint cans! I picked up a few of these on clearance at Staples a few weeks back!! I think I will decorate them with Christmas themed cuts - and fill them with homemade cookies for people like my mail lady, the teller at the bank, etc!

4) A wooden jewelry box...

5) Alter letters!!! I love love love these!! My friend Susan made my name for me last year for Christmas and then I made the name "Savannah" for my best friend's baby!

6) I picked up this clipboard - I think I will decorate it and keep it for myself!

7) A clock - this would be great for the men in your life... choose a cutting file that is manly or is about their favorite event and use it to decorate your clock!

8) Photo cubes - I made some of these last year - for my best friend! She loved them!!!

9) O-ring calendars or flip books!! I picked up a few of these as well this year (along with the blank calendar pages) - I thought they would make awesome desk calendars (and you know my friend Shirley has some really, really cute month titles for sale!!!)

10) Serving trays....

*** Bonus - ok so I thought of 11 things! How about switch plate covers!!! There are cutter files out there for every theme, or activity that you can imagine! This would be a fun thing to decorate!!!

So there you have it!! I have given you 11 get Christmas gift idea's, I have given you 30% off all my files at Paperthreads.... it is a holiday, most of you are probably not working - So what are you waiting for!!!!!

Until Next Time - Happy shopping and creating!

Cya ~
PS - do you have a great idea of something to alter using your cutter files? If so I would LOVE to hear about it!! Leave me a comment!!!


113 Days...

Do you realize that there are only 113 days until Christmas!!!! Holy Cow!!! I have got to get busy on making my Christmas gifts!!!!

How about you - are you getting ready for Christmas???

Well now is the perfect time to shop for cutter files.... it is 12:15 AM - and you have 23 hours and 15 minutes to get 30% off all my files a Paperthreads!!!!

Not sure when or if I will have another sale before Christmas - so get busy shopping!!!!

Hope you have a great Labor Day~
Until Next Time!



Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rain, Rain and more Rain...

Well so far we have had OVER nine inches of rain!!!! I am shocked I haven't floated away yet!!!!

Thanks for all the downloads on my TRF - in the 28 hours that it was available it was downloaded over 100 times!!!! WOW!!!!!

Don't forget that tomorrow is the big sale day at Paperthreads!!! Both Chris Durnan and myself have placed ALL our files on sale - 30% off - for one day and one day only!!!

Why not enjoy Labor day doing a labor of love - SCRAPPING!!!!!!

Until Next Time!


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