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Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Friday!!!

I hope that today finds you all well and looking forwards to the weekend!!! Whooo Hoooo....

As for me... all is well here - a lot has been going on at the house of pain - uhhh I mean here at Beloved Keepsakes! (Computers and computer software's can be huge PAINS in the you know where!!! If you know what I mean!!!)

Well, normally I would share with you a layout that was submitted using one of our cutter files or that was created using one of our preassembled titles and/or die cuts that can be purchased at the new Beloved Keepsakes Scrapbooking Store!

But - well - I am HAPPY to report - that is no longer the case!!!! Whoo Hooo!!! Can I get a whoop whoop from you people?!?!?! No?? NO!! What?? That doesn't sound like happy news to you??? You actually LIKE seeing the layouts and projects that are submitted by our design team and our customers??? They ACTUALLY inspire you and help you get your creative groove on?!?!? OHHHH YEAHHHHH!!! (I am having flashbacks of the Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie for some really weird reason)... Anyway - I digress...

Well do I have some news for you!!!!! Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhh (wow - there it goes again!!)

Beloved Keepsakes is PROUD to announce the opening of (this is where you hear the drum roll):

Yes, yes... from now on all your layouts and projects that are submitted to us will now be featured at "The Gallery"!!! (Now you should be hearing the sound "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" coming down from the sky!!! Do you hear it? Do you?? Hmmm maybe it's just me!!! Bahahaha) Anyway...

You can get to "The Gallery" at any time by clicking on the photo button on the left hand side of this blog (that is in case you didn't bookmark it!)

Please hop on over and check it out!! There are some simple amazing creations over there!!! (And some brand new never been seen stuff added just for today!!!)

Hope you have a GREAT weekend - and hey - we would love to feature YOUR projects in our gallery as well! So if you have created any project using a Beloved Keepsakes item - feel free to send it in to us at lori@belovedkeepsakes.com

Until Next Time!



Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thought you might like this....

So I was looking for something totally else - and found this..... thought it would make you chuckle!!! I know it did me!!! LOL (And yes I know that youtube is such a HUGE time thief!!!)

Then I found this... hmmmm maybe this is a way I can get my hubby to scrap?!?!?! It would be the ONLY way - that's for sure!!! Bahahaha....

Other than wasting time on youtube - I am working my fingers to a bone (Lisa - I PROMISE I AM!!!) Bahahaha!!!

I hope to revile the big SURPRISE tomorrow!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Man I have been busssssyyyyyyy...

Not that that is a bad thang - but it is a thang for sure! Bahahaha!!!

First of all I have been busting out some more Dis..... errr I mean "Land of Enchantment and Magical Moments" files! Yep - I have ten more that just need to be test cut, then scanned, converted, text documents written up and then uploaded to the store!

Then - I have actually had progress on my NEW SCRAPBOOKING STORE! In case you didn't know - this is where I actually sell the scrapbooking titles and die cuts that I have designed, cut and assembled for those scrappers that do not have a cutting machine!

Well - My web guy (FINALLY) got the shipping issues cleared up and now shipping is being calculated at actual cost! Whooo Hoooo! What does that mean to you the customer - well if you purchase a $3.49 title - you are only charged the actual $1.85 to ship it verse the $4.95 that the site was originally charging you! You also now have more than one shipping option! And with gas being sooo high - hey it is cheaper to shop with me than to drive to the local scrapbooking store!! LOL

Oh and while I was there I lowered prices on almost EVERY item!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

And finally - well I have a BIG BIG BIG Surprise in the works! Thank heavens my talented friend and fellow designer Chris is back in town cause she has been helping me bust out the next big surprise to hit the streets in regards to Beloved Keepsakes!

So keep watch - it will be coming soon!!!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free...

I hope that you all had a GREAT long weekend this past weekend! I know as for myself... it really hit home - what this holiday weekend was all about.

For most people - it is a three day weekend - and whooo hooo!!! I am all about three day weekends.... but on my way to the grocery store yesterday - I heard a news article on the radio - about what Memorial Day is really about. How it is about taking time to thank and remember all those who have given their lives so we could live our lives in a free society. This really got me to thinking and as a wife of a soldier - it really moved me.

So on an impulse - I purchased 26 red roses and hubby and I went to "Warrior's Walk" at Ft. Stewart.

"Warrior's Walk" is a walkway that is lined with trees and stretches along both sides of Cottrell Field - this is the field where soldiers are welcomed home when they return from deployments, the field where families re-unite with the soldiers when they come home from war. The trees that are planted on each side of the walkway are Red Bud, one for each soldier from the Third Infantry Division who has died since Operation Iraqi Freedom began in 2003.

At the base of each tree is a small concrete marker that bears the name of each soldier that has died in the conflict and for whom the tree was planted in memory for. Often, families leave behind mementos: photos, a bottle of favorite beer, a toy tank, a crystal angel. There are over 350 trees planted at "Warrior's Walk" and I am sad to say they are running out of room...

During our last deployment my husband's National Guard unit was attached to 3rd ID. We lost 26 brave men during that year long deployment. Each one has a tree planted in their memory.

So this Memorial Day - we visited the memorials of our fallen. Men that my hubby went to war with - and came home without. It was very heartbreaking and emotionally a really hard thing to do. Especially in light of the fact that our guard unit just got their warning orders - they are going to deploy again - next summer. But I am so thankful that I was able to go and to remember these fine men, to thank them each for their sacrifice, to cry for their families loss... and to remember in a REAL TANGIBLE way - that Freedom isn't free... someone pays the price - and the price is high.

Until Next Time.


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