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Friday, February 15, 2008

It Finally Friday…

Lots to talk about – so be warned this post may be long!! Bahahaha…

Fist of all I am VERY VERY VERY proud to report that I DID NOT tell hubby what his Valentine’s Day gift was!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! As a matter of fact – we didn’t even open gifts till almost 9 PM and I still was able to hold out!!! I am very proud of me to say the least!

For those of you who asked what did I get hubby for Valentine’s Day – well there was the tree stand that really isn’t a tree stand that he has been lusting over for months! It is called the “Ambush Tree Saddle” and to quote my hubby: “It is the shizzle!”

It is made by Trophy Line right here in GA – imagine that! And I dealt with this awesome person named Tyler! I cannot even tell you how amazing the customer service was!!! While the item was a bit pricey, I didn’t mind it so much because the customer service was soooo awesome!!! (Now let me go ahead and clarify – according to my hubby this tree stand cost NO more than any other tree stand but is hands down a 1000 times better!!!) So if your significant other is into hunting and you want to get him a bomb diggity gift…. I would recommend the “Ambush Tree Saddle” and make sure you tell Tyler “Hi!” from me!

Now on to another funny thing that happened yesterday! I received my March/April Issue of “Memory Makers”. (I love this scrapbooking magazine and I am very fortunate that my in-laws are so awesome to give me a subscription to it every year!!!).

Well in this months issue there is a short five-question quiz about scrapbooking tools! Now you all know that I tease that I am a TOOL JUNKIE! Well according to this months quiz – it isn’t a joke!!! Bahahahaha….

Yep there were five short questions and the answers ranged in being worth 1 to 3 points. So I took the quiz and the highest score you could have was 15…. I got a 14!!! So what does that mean…. Well according to this magazine when it comes to Scrapbooking tools – I am a “GOT TO HAVE IT” girl! (When I told my husband this he replied: “Well I could have told you that with out you having to take a quiz!” LOL)

But – that came back to bite him in the end…

See we are in the process (and yes let me tell you it is a WE thing) of submitting our promotion packet with the Army. The board meets next months (so cross your fingers and say a prayer), but one of the things you have to have in your packet is a current DA photo of you in your dress greens with all your awards… Now get this… and I KID YOU NOT – at the promotion board – they actually blow your photo up and make sure that one - you have on all the ribbons that represent all the medals that you are suppose to have and none that you are not. And two that they are all properly aligned (.25 of an inch apart or what ever) and that you have put all the accouchements on the medals!!! (How crazy is that!!!)

(this is just an example of some of the ribbons you can be awards)

So here we were last night trying to make sure all these ribbons were correct on the rack according to our awards statement… and then on top of these small little ribbons you actually have to put these other things - stars, M's, oak clusters that I SWEAR are just tiny brass brads…

Well hubby was having a hard time aliening his brads on his ribbons… so I was like – would you like for me to show you an easier way?!?!? Sure he replied… so off to my scrapbooking room I went. I came back with a paper pierce, a small pair of needle nose pliers and a precision tip cement glue.

Let me tell you I had those ribbon fixed up ricky tick! “To which my hubby replied – Wow, it is about time all those scrapbooking tools came to good use for me!!!!”


Hope you have a great weekend!

Until Next Time!



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The holiday every man dreads....

Are you ready for tomorrow's holiday? You know THE one that EVERY man dreads???

I am personally very proud of myself this year! I figured out what to get hubby and he has NO CLUE!!! None - nadda - zip!!

Yesterday he said - oh Valentine's day is tomorrow - right??
I said - no it's on Thursday.
He said - are you sure????
I said - yep it is on the 14th - always the 14th!

And I said nothing more!!!!

Now for those of you that know me - you KNOW how hard this is for me!!! My love language is "gifts" so I love love love to both GET gifts and GIVE gifts!!! Most times I can't keep it a secret though!!! As a matter of fact - if I can make it til tomorrow - this will be the first time I think EVER!!!!

So if you are not ready for the DREADED MAN HATING HOLIDAY - you better bust a move! And if you ARE ready - send your hubby or loved one here so I can tell them THEY better bust a move!!! Bahahahaha....

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Show and tell....

Good morning all my fellow scrappers and blog readers! Hope this morning finds you all doing well! Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days.... I have just been kind of out of sorts as they say....

Today I thought I would do a show in tell... this is an ATC card that was designed by Micki using my Valentine's Day Couple file!!! I thought it turned out wonderful!!!!

Hopefully since Micki sent me the photo she doesn't mind me posting it here on my blog! I've tried to send her a few emails with no response!!! So Micki - if you are reading this: I hope you don't mind that I decided to share it with the whole entire net!!! And would you please contact me - I would like to give you one of my files (any one you choose) as a thank you for sharing your completed project with me!!!

That offer stands to anyone - make something with one of my files and I will give you a file for free when you send me your completed project (and of course you allow me to share it at will!!!).

Until Next Time!



Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shhhh…. Don’t tell!

Hi you don’t know me – but my name is “Inja” and I am a Shih Tzu! A very very very cute Shih Tzu if I do say so myself!

While you don’t know me, you do know my Momma! Yep that’s right – Lori of Beloved Keepsakes is my human Momma. And while I do love her very much – I really love my Daddy more! He is a lot more fun to play with and he lets me run out of my yard and get lost. And you know what is even better than that??? He eggs me on to catch the squirrels that are always taunting me out our backdoor!

Anyway – I snuck onto my Momma’s blog to tell you that she entered me in the “Cutest Pet Contest” that WETV is sponsoring!! So I was wondering if you would be sooooo very kind as to click over there and vote for me!!!! First prize is $5000 and I would really like to send my Momma and Daddy on a mini vacation before my daddy has to deploy again.

I really think they deserve a mini vacation. Momma gets very sad when Daddy goes away. And hey – they might even buy me a new Nyla Bone!!! Oh that would be sweet!!! Anyway…

If you wouldn’t mind – go HERE to vote for me! (Give me a perfect ten if you think I deserve it!!!)

Personally I think I am cute enough I might actually win this thing!!! How cool would that be??? Oops I hear footsteps – I got to go! Don’t forget to vote and PLEASE don’t tell my Momma I was on the computer!! She thinks I can’t figure out the child safety block!!!

As my Momma always says –

Until Next Time!

Cya ~

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