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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sneaking on...

Ok I am taking a quick sneak on the computer while hubby isn't looking!! Soooo sshhh... Don't tell!!!

I still haven't found a ball gown - well that isn't exactly true... See here's the issue... We have TWO balls to go to. One is next Saturday and then the other one is in June... So as it stands right now - I will wear a dress that I already have next Sat (unless I can find something new) and that leaves me just to look for another dress for the Ball in June. So I do still have time - kinda.

So having said all that... I was also stressing about a cocktail dress that I needed for the June event as well! And FINALLY today I found one!!! Whooo Hoooo!!! Not only did I find a dress I liked but hubby liked it as well - and the BEST part?!?! It was regularly $80 on sale for $60 - then I got $6 off for a military discount and then I got $10 off because the store was having a Birthday sale!!! Whooo Hooo!!!! Yep - you all know how I LOVE a good deal!!!

So here is a peek at the dress (and no that isn't me!!! LOL). Oh for the record I did trim the petticoat at the bottom so it was sticking out - I though that was tacky!! LOL

Ok got to run before I get caught! Hope you are all having a GREAT weekend!

Until Next Time!



Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh happy day...

Whooo hooo it is Friday!!! I am sooo sorry today's post is a little on the late side... you know you are stressed and working toooo much when you hubby says, "You're not going to work this weekend are you?" To which I replied, "Ah... why?" To which he said, "I REALLY think you need to take the weekend off!"

And then if that wasn't bad enough - my dear friend and fellow designer Chris says to me... "You know - you really should go take a hot bubble bath - and take some time for yourself... you sound uh.... well... ummm a little stressed!!" Bahahaha....

Ok - Ok - that means I REALLY need to take the weekend off! I mean hey this week has been a bugger for sure! Between trying to get my files finished up - working on the HUGE announcement that is coming up, trying to find a ball gown... (speaking of which... Did I tell you HOW much I hate shopping for a Ball Gown!!!), Dr's appointments and whatever else happened this weekend that I can't remember!! LOL

So having said all that - I have ten more new files going up in the store soon!!! That is pretty exciting - that means in just the past week I have uploaded 30 new files!!! Crazy huh?!?!?

Looking at my calender for next week holy cow - it is already looking CRAZY - so I better end this now and get back to work!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, April 3, 2008

Please vote....

Ok - normally I am not one to pass on emails or even the type to ask you to go and do something for me.... BUT.....

I got this email from the kids of one of our past Pastors! Now let me first go on to tell you the Roberts Family is an AMAZING family... Phil and Lisa where a huge asset to our church and they struggle to have children... Then God Blessed them with with Ashley!! (Oh and is she precious!!!!)

A few years later it was decided that Ashley needed a little brother or little sister - so once again with the help of medical technology they were bless with not one, not two or even three or four - but with FOUR precious babies... Then 19 days after being born the Lord saw it best to take Emily home to be with him.... At that time the Roberts started up a great organization called Project Seahorse (you can read all about it here!).

I feel the Roberts deserve to win this!!! So if you would check out the letter below and if you feel lead - go and vote!!! (It actually is a pretty awesome video as well!!!)

Until Next time!



Dear Friends,

Our crazy dad likes to try to win contests, and he recently entered a “Greatest Romantic” video contest to win a 7-day Carribbean cruise for him and our mom. Somehow, the video is one of five finalists. Now…the finalist video that gets the most votes by April 14th will win the cruise. We really could use some room to breathe without our smothering parents, so…is there any way you could go to http://greatestromantic.princess.com/contest-vote.aspx?vid=1 and cast a vote for this video, titled “The Greatest Romantic???”? If you do this for us, and they win the cruise, our whole family will be eternally grateful to you! If you don’t, we fear that they will make us spend the rest of our childhood sitting on this loveseat in matching sweaters.

Thanks for your vote! And, as much as it hurts to say it, please forward this to everyone you know.

Ashley, Benjamin, Casey & Danielle

P.S. In your “spare time”, you can also stop by http://memelabs.com/gardenstate/index.php?play=2292&page=2 and vote for our video in an “unexpected proverbs” contest. Dad says that our chances of winning it are slimmer, but still worth a try—the prize is a $10,000 savings bond for us kids, with 20% going to Project Seahorse (http://www.projectseahorse.net/).

P.P.S. With either of these contests, you will have to register at the sites in order to vote—but they are not the kind where you have to give out personal info. And even if you really think we should win, please do not make up bogus names, fake screen names or false identities to let yourself vote zillions of times. One vote per real human being please!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


First off - I want to let all my customers know that Paperthreads is down right now... hopefully it will be back up soon. Michelle the owner is making some changes to the store that will make it more user friendly for you the customer! So please bear with us for just a little!

I am off in search of a ball dress (again) today... but the good thing about today's search is my best friend is coming up from FL to go shopping with me! Whoo Hooo!! Should be fun and hopefully productive!

Thus I thought I would leave you today with some Inspiration. (You should be able to click on each photo and get a larger one to open!)

This first layout was submitted by Karen! It was made using "The Ultrasound" file. This layout is just sooo sweet and precious! Karen actually gave the idea for this file - so she got it for FREE!!! (Thanks Karen!)

This next layout was submitted by my friend Susan - she used the Manatees from my "Save the Manatees" file - should be up in the store in a few days! I also cut the words "Homasassa Springs" for her out of vellum! (Oh I just LOVED this place - and I love this layout!) Are those boys just not tooo cute!

And last but not least - is this layout by Susie from the Paperthreads Design Team. She made this layout using my file "See ya later Alligator". I love the way she textured the words and the alligator! Too cool!!!

Thank you all soooooo very much for sharing your project with me!!! I love love love to see my files being used in such creative ways! It just makes my heart swell!!!

Ok - off to find a darn dress!!

Until Next Time!



Tuesday, April 1, 2008

TON of NEW Stuff!

Good Morning (oooppsss I mean afternoon!!) Man am I beat! Hubby's plane didn't arrive until 1 AM this morning so it was almost 2 AM before I got to bed! I am sooo beat I can't even think of a good April Fools joke to play on the hubby!

Speaking of April Fools Day - my grandmother was born on April 1st - I use to laugh and laugh at her cause one of her favorite sayings was "There's no FOOL like an APRIL FOOL!" Unfortunately she passed away when I was 12 - and I miss her greatly! Isn't funny the things we remember about people...

OK so I finally got the first half of my new files up in the store!!! (Thank you Shirley for your awesome help!!) Thus I thought I would preview them here for you today.... (Yep there is a lot of them, this actually brings my total of files up to 111!!!)

If you own a personal cutting machine (such as the KNK, Wishblade, Pazzel's, Craft Robo, Scrap Savvy or the Silhouette) you can purchase any of the files above at Paperthreads where I am an exclusive designer!

Hope you had fun looking and I would LOVE to hear your feedback! I have about 20 more files to prep and get ready for the store sooooooooooo...

Until Next Time!



Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Monday....

Wow - its Monday already - and it is after lunch and I haven't even had breakfast yet!!! Sheesshhh!!! Am I the only one who wonders where time goes???

Ok - so I have being tempting you and teasing you with a promise of a BIG SURPRISE and it will be coming soon (in just a few weeks and you will not want to miss it - I promise!!!) but man I didn't realize how much work it was going to be!! I know it is going to totally be worth it in the end... but until then I am a busy bee!!!

Oh speaking of busy bee - I uploaded 20 new files to the Paperthreads store... they should pop up in a few days over there! That puts my total files at OVER 100 files in the store!!!! Amazing!!!

I want to thank all my friends, family and ESPECIALLY all my customers for supporting in this little thing called my job!!! And speaking of thank you's....

A HUGE thank you to my new cutter friend Meg! (Meg just got her very first cutter machine - a KNK this weekend!!!) Meg dropped me a quick email this morning letting me know that while she loved my Hockey file - my ice skates where the WRONG SKATES!!!! (Ok - what can I say - I live in GA, know nothing about hockey and have never seen snow deeper than a few inches!!!)

So here is the new and improved file... I hope my skates are correct now - and that I didn't offend any Hockey Players out there!!!

So thanks again Meg - and if any of you see something you think is a little off or misspelled (as I am the QUEEN of misspellings) please feel free to send me an email! Sometimes I look at these files soooo much they look right to me - even when they are not!

Ok - I am off to get breakfast, umm I mean lunch! I will try to preview a few more of my new files tomorrow!!

Until Next Time!



Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hello Sunday!

Normally I don't post on Sundays - but I am so excited!!! I dropped hubby off at the airport (noooooo - that isn't why I am excited!!! Sheesh - you people!!! Bahahaha). So I dropped hubby off at the airport and therfore that leaves me with 36 hours of uninterrupted time to work!! And let me tell you I am CRANKING out the cutter files!!! LOL

So I thought I would give you yet one more sneak peek today and then back to the grind I go!!!

As you all probably know by now I am a VERY PROUD military wife... so I have really been focusing on some new military themed files.... and believe it or not - hubby has been an awesome resource and even more surprising he isn't sick of me asking him for ideas, help or his opinion -YET!!! LOL

So here is a sneak peek of just a few of the files that should be added to the Paperthreads store later this week!

This file also comes in "My Hubby", "My Son", "My Daughter" and "My Boyfriend".

This file also come with the words: "Marine", "Airman" and "Sailor"

Hope you are all having a GREAT Weekend!

Until Next Time!


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