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Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Monday....

Wow - its Monday already - and it is after lunch and I haven't even had breakfast yet!!! Sheesshhh!!! Am I the only one who wonders where time goes???

Ok - so I have being tempting you and teasing you with a promise of a BIG SURPRISE and it will be coming soon (in just a few weeks and you will not want to miss it - I promise!!!) but man I didn't realize how much work it was going to be!! I know it is going to totally be worth it in the end... but until then I am a busy bee!!!

Oh speaking of busy bee - I uploaded 20 new files to the Paperthreads store... they should pop up in a few days over there! That puts my total files at OVER 100 files in the store!!!! Amazing!!!

I want to thank all my friends, family and ESPECIALLY all my customers for supporting in this little thing called my job!!! And speaking of thank you's....

A HUGE thank you to my new cutter friend Meg! (Meg just got her very first cutter machine - a KNK this weekend!!!) Meg dropped me a quick email this morning letting me know that while she loved my Hockey file - my ice skates where the WRONG SKATES!!!! (Ok - what can I say - I live in GA, know nothing about hockey and have never seen snow deeper than a few inches!!!)

So here is the new and improved file... I hope my skates are correct now - and that I didn't offend any Hockey Players out there!!!

So thanks again Meg - and if any of you see something you think is a little off or misspelled (as I am the QUEEN of misspellings) please feel free to send me an email! Sometimes I look at these files soooo much they look right to me - even when they are not!

Ok - I am off to get breakfast, umm I mean lunch! I will try to preview a few more of my new files tomorrow!!

Until Next Time!



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