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Friday, April 4, 2008

Oh happy day...

Whooo hooo it is Friday!!! I am sooo sorry today's post is a little on the late side... you know you are stressed and working toooo much when you hubby says, "You're not going to work this weekend are you?" To which I replied, "Ah... why?" To which he said, "I REALLY think you need to take the weekend off!"

And then if that wasn't bad enough - my dear friend and fellow designer Chris says to me... "You know - you really should go take a hot bubble bath - and take some time for yourself... you sound uh.... well... ummm a little stressed!!" Bahahaha....

Ok - Ok - that means I REALLY need to take the weekend off! I mean hey this week has been a bugger for sure! Between trying to get my files finished up - working on the HUGE announcement that is coming up, trying to find a ball gown... (speaking of which... Did I tell you HOW much I hate shopping for a Ball Gown!!!), Dr's appointments and whatever else happened this weekend that I can't remember!! LOL

So having said all that - I have ten more new files going up in the store soon!!! That is pretty exciting - that means in just the past week I have uploaded 30 new files!!! Crazy huh?!?!?

Looking at my calender for next week holy cow - it is already looking CRAZY - so I better end this now and get back to work!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!

Until Next Time!



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