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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Please vote....

Ok - normally I am not one to pass on emails or even the type to ask you to go and do something for me.... BUT.....

I got this email from the kids of one of our past Pastors! Now let me first go on to tell you the Roberts Family is an AMAZING family... Phil and Lisa where a huge asset to our church and they struggle to have children... Then God Blessed them with with Ashley!! (Oh and is she precious!!!!)

A few years later it was decided that Ashley needed a little brother or little sister - so once again with the help of medical technology they were bless with not one, not two or even three or four - but with FOUR precious babies... Then 19 days after being born the Lord saw it best to take Emily home to be with him.... At that time the Roberts started up a great organization called Project Seahorse (you can read all about it here!).

I feel the Roberts deserve to win this!!! So if you would check out the letter below and if you feel lead - go and vote!!! (It actually is a pretty awesome video as well!!!)

Until Next time!



Dear Friends,

Our crazy dad likes to try to win contests, and he recently entered a “Greatest Romantic” video contest to win a 7-day Carribbean cruise for him and our mom. Somehow, the video is one of five finalists. Now…the finalist video that gets the most votes by April 14th will win the cruise. We really could use some room to breathe without our smothering parents, so…is there any way you could go to http://greatestromantic.princess.com/contest-vote.aspx?vid=1 and cast a vote for this video, titled “The Greatest Romantic???”? If you do this for us, and they win the cruise, our whole family will be eternally grateful to you! If you don’t, we fear that they will make us spend the rest of our childhood sitting on this loveseat in matching sweaters.

Thanks for your vote! And, as much as it hurts to say it, please forward this to everyone you know.

Ashley, Benjamin, Casey & Danielle

P.S. In your “spare time”, you can also stop by http://memelabs.com/gardenstate/index.php?play=2292&page=2 and vote for our video in an “unexpected proverbs” contest. Dad says that our chances of winning it are slimmer, but still worth a try—the prize is a $10,000 savings bond for us kids, with 20% going to Project Seahorse (http://www.projectseahorse.net/).

P.P.S. With either of these contests, you will have to register at the sites in order to vote—but they are not the kind where you have to give out personal info. And even if you really think we should win, please do not make up bogus names, fake screen names or false identities to let yourself vote zillions of times. One vote per real human being please!


scrappinmama April 3, 2008 at 3:22 PM  

I vote. They are adorable! Hope they win. Can you keep us up to date on this?

Anonymous,  April 3, 2008 at 10:23 PM  

That is the cutest video I have ever seen. How could you not vote for it. Please keep us up to date. I sure hope they win.

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