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Friday, September 14, 2007

Rainy day!

Man has it been raining here!!!! Over four inches so far!!!

I am off to visit my mother today... maybe do a little shopping.... speaking of Shopping - I went to my first ever " Stamping Up" party last night.....yummy... I didn't get any stamps at all - but oh the paper! Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful paper!!!! A girl can just NEVER have enough cardstock in my humble opinion!!!

I was thinking about doing a "Stamping Up" catalog party...where you could order from the catalog through me... like an "online party"... Would anyone be interested??

Let me know!!!!

Hey the Surfer Dude was downloaded over a 100 times yesterday!! Did you know that I now have the ability to feature YOUR projects at the Paperthreads store??? Want to see your project on the net? Well send it in to me!!!

Until Next Time!



Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Back... well sort of....

Ok so here is the skinny, I want to go ahead and fill you in on a HUGE announcement and then that way you will know what is going on with me and my life - and hopefully you will not get tooo upset in the next few weeks if I miss a day here or there posting!!!

So drum roll please.....

As most of you know Hubby is "over there" serving our country. He is coming home for his leave in about three weeks!!! Whoo Hoooo!!! Ok, so most of you know this already - this isn't the announcement.... What you don't know is that Hubby and I haven't actually "lived" together in the same house for more than 30 days since about Oct 2004. He has been out of the USA more than he has been in....

Well (and this is the announcement)... when he comes home this time.... he will be here to stay for a long while!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! Long while - in like more than a year or two HOPEFULLY!! (I say hopefully cause you never can say for sure what the military is going to do!!!! I mean hey we are living in a country that is at war right now!)

So when hubby gets here in a less than THREE WEEKS... he will have almost a month of R&R and then he will begin a job at a near by Army Base!!!!

How EXCITING AND SCARY at the same time!!! I am so excited that he is coming home!!! To stay for a while!! When he first pop the question on Dec 23rd, 2001 - I was the one who said I NEVER wanted to be a military wife.... Here we are 69 months later, and he has been gone 40 of those 69 months!!! Wow!! It is scary when you look at the actual numbers!!

Now, what does that mean to you... well that means for the next three weeks I am bust my butt trying to get my house ready for hubby to come home, it means I am trying to remember how to be a "house wife" again... (I realized that I don't remember what I use to cook for dinner!! I mean I know I USE to cook... but I can't remember WHAT I use to cook!!!)

Then for the month of Oct, we will be going on a road trip, having family come into town for a week, and just trying to get to know each other again. So..... Please if I am hit and miss for the next month and a half you will know why!!!! Come Nov. - hubby will be working at his new job - and hopefully everything will be back on track!!!

Don't give up on me and my blog... I plan to keep on moving forward! I have some major big plans "In the Works" for Beloved Keepsakes - and you are not going to want to miss them I promise!!! Hopefully I will not miss more than a day or two here or there blogging for the next month and a half.... but if I did miss - I wanted you to know why!

So for today - I thought I would share with you a TERMS RESTRICTED FILE.... this means if you download this file you are agreeing to the TOU - if you do not know the terms of use - you can download it over on the left hand side... ! The password is IAGREETOTOU.

One of the things hubby loves to do is SURF! Since we only live about 25 min away from Tybee, we own two surf boards and a jeep with a surf board rack! So this file was done in honor of hubby!

Hope you can use it, just a simple silhouette - you can download it in the following formats!

Sorry this file is no longer available here...
You will be able to purchase it at Paperthreads soon!

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sick and Tired...

Sorry it has taken me til 10 PM my time to blog... I have been running a fever today and just feel yucky!! Tummy aches and I won't bother to tell you what room I have spent the most time in today - just rest assured it WASN'T my scrapping room!!

I will try to catch up with blogging tomorrow and answer all your comments and emails. I am also volunteering my time and talents and creating the booklet for the 9th Annual Friends of Animals Auction which is about 12 pages long so far... so I am a little swapped at the moment!!

Bear with me - and I promise I will "throw you a bone" as my husband likes to say!!! (For those that are new visiting my blog - that means I will give you a "Term Restricted File" for download in the next day or so!!! I also have a great story to share and some more show and tells!!!!

Until Next Time!



Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally Finshed!!!

Well I have finally finished my "Big" project I was working on!!! If you will recall I showed you this picture last week sometime....

I needed to make something to go on my dinning room wall. I just got done remodeling the living room (thanks to the leak in the roof!). I just ordered new plates and glasses for the kitchen, so I decided to finally do something to the wall in the dinning area....

So here is my wall before.... as you can see it was a huge blank canvas...... I have looked at a lot of things in the past few years but hubby was like don't get it unless you really love it! Just hold out - you will find the perfect thing in due course!

And here is my wall now!!!!!

Ok, so I have to admit my fingers are sore from screwing in cup hooks, and the hardest part was figuring out what photos to use - but I am soooooo excited and happy the way it turned out!!! And I have to admit I am sooooo glad I waited (but don't tell my husband) because I do TOTALLY love it!!!

So what do you think??

Until Next Time!


OH - don't forget today is the LAST day to sign up for Pirate Bingo at Paperthreads... the prizes keep coming and there are some stormy seas ahead!!!!

See you there!


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Movie Review...

So my friend is back in town and we actually made it to lunch and the movies yesterday! Now I have to tell you this was not my first choice of movies.... but hey.... And after a huge lunch of Japanese food (Oh YUMMY - my favorite) I went into the movies sleepy.... add to the combination it was colddddddd in there, and only four hours of sleep the night before - well as you can see everything was lined up and in place for a nap!

I even turned to my friend and said I REALLY hope this movie is good or I am going to fall asleep!!! I yawned and yawned - the previews started and I was still yawning..... and then..... the movie started!!! I was wide awake from the beginning and all the way to the end!

In a rural English village in, oh, let's say, Olden Times, a young man named Tristan tries to win the heart of a young lady. All she wants is a fallen star. Easy enough. All the young chap has to do is cross the wall that separates their village from the Faerie realm. Gulp. He does so, only to discover that the falling star is in fact a beautiful lady. And guess what, she's being pursued by other folks too - dangerous folks who all desperately want this star. Oh, what an adventure our Tristan will have as he travels across the universe, encountering witches (which are quite funny!), pirates, ghosts, and more!

A dream cast of A-list talent, including Peter O'Toole, Ricky Gervais, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfieffer and Robert De Niro as the pirate Capt. Shakespeare.

It was a wonderful love story, with lots of humor (oh and let me tell you - when "Tristan" has his make over given by the ummmm, Captain - lets just say he is major hubba, hubba to look at from that point on!!!!!) Over all I would give this one four diet cokes and a medium bag of popcorn!

(Not as good as "Hairspray" mind you - which I am still talking about to this day. I even got the soundtrack to the movie - which I love to listen to when I am driving - it makes me laugh!!!! Especially the song "Cooties" (click on the title then go to track 18)!!! Bahahaha!!)

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Until Next Time!

Cya ~

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