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Thursday, November 22, 2007

New files on Turkey Day!

Ok - in addition to the fivenew files I posted day before yesterday - I also have these two new files up in the store!!! Just in time for the sale. You do remember that the sale starts today right?!?!?!

I also have several more that will be coming in the next few weeks as my health will allow.....

So this first one.... Well Bec - this one is for you (please email me so I can give you a copy of it for free!!)!!! You said that you are "seldom in the pictures", you are usually "behind the camera". So that got me to thinking.... and I did this file "Hiding behind the Camera" - I also included the titles "Watch the Birdie" and Say Cheese"......

Then this file has to be one of my all time favorites..... you see while my in-laws were here for "Mock Thanksgiving" last month - I just happened to catch them BOTH ASLEEP on my sofa after dinner...... so I thought this file would be perfect to document that occasion!!!! (I would post a copy of that photo - but it is way way way toooooo close to Christmas and my Birthday for that!!! LOL)
Also - a few weeks ago I had some one say that were having a hard time getting a soccer ball to look right.... can you email me..... who ever you were! I have new file coming out soon and I would like for your input on it!!! (Thanks in advance!!!)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Until Next Time!



Anonymous,  November 22, 2007 at 1:30 AM  

These are such cute files, I can definitely see a lot of people connecting with them when they see them. I bet just about everyone that sees them will think of times and relatives they remind them of. Such fun!

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