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Monday, October 1, 2007

You just have to love a GOOD friend.....(updated!)

So my friend Chris read my blog yesterday and my long list of things that had to get done before hubby's return. She sent me the following......

My rendition of your list. (My original list from yesterday are the items in red!)

Vacuum the whole house - or at least around all the stable furniture

Scrub the tile floors - tile floors.. how many rooms do you have. Is the grout that bad. This sounds like a back breaker. So

Clean Guest Bathroom - inlaws are coming so this is one you can't sidestep unfortunately. Nothing worse then a ring around the toilet. So this one is a must.

Clean Master Bathroom - instead lay in bubble bath and set out candles. Ambience in the master bathroom is really nice and the candle get rid of any lingering odors. With the lowered lighting, no one will notice anything.

Wash Sheets for all three guest Beds - all three guest beds. .. hmm... can you just switch the sheets around if it is the same people going to sleep in them again as last time. If not... Use febreeze. Pull the top cover back. Spray lysol disenfectant then let it air and dry and touch up with Febreeze. Done. No lifting hurting your back. Waiting for the washer to finish so you can switch it to the dryer. Or do wash sheets, sit on washer and read romantic fabio novel. Ha

Dust the furniture in the office - this function is great for a blow dryer. Walk in and blow the dust off the furniture.

Dust the furniture in the living room - Ditto. Only if anyone notices any trace of dust. blame it on the vaccuum. Tell them you need to buy a new one. Done.

Scrub the counter tops and the sink in the kitchen - the best way to keep your house looking clean is make sure the sink is empty. So "shine your sink" as they say. This is one you can't get out of.

Dust and straighten up the Master Bed Room - just straighten the master bedroom. Really with what you hubby who has been out of town for a few months will want most in this room has nothing to do with dust and he won't notice it.

Wash Sheets for Master Bed - This one I would save for after first night hubby gets home.

Polish Dinning Room table - Polish. Woww! .. Okay hmm.. placemats and a quick sheen of polish. It is going to be a mock thanksgiving everyone is coming for right? Well just cover the table with decorations.

Straighten up Craft Room - craft rooms are not supposed to be straightened up. In doing this I would decide it would be more fun to create something then clean up in this room. So get out the phone book.

Finish writing text documents for new files - your in the craft room. So I would work on this while looking in ads of the phone book for a maid for all the other stuff..

While in the phone book lookup location of car wash on the way to the groomers close to pedicure salon.

Call the salon and set an appt and the groomers. then call 1-800-merry maids... leave the house.. take the car to the carwash... drop off the dog next.. just in case she peed on herself listening to the car wash machines... then get your toes done.

Create new files while Merry Maids cleans the rest of the house because we know you aren't going to let them near your craft room.

Yep you just have to love a GOOD friend!!! (Oh and for the record - hubby also read my list and made a call from the sand just to tell me - as long as nothing was growing in the toilet - he could care LESS if ANYTHING on the list got done!!!!! See, I knew there was a reason I loved that man!!!) But those of you who know me.... know that I can't JUST clean the toilets!!! And Merry Maids, while sounds wonderful - I would just have to clean before they got here anyway so they DIDN'T SEE the stuff growing in the toilets!!! Bahahahaha......

Off to clean.......

Until Next Time!


OH NO - Michelle reset the Best Sellers List at Paperthreads.... now it looks like I have never sold anything like... EVER!!! If you have been wanting to purchase any of my files... now would be a good time..... help a girl out!!! Hubby's coming home and I have nothing on my best sellers list!!!! Bahahahaha.....


Anonymous,  October 1, 2007 at 2:37 PM  

Thank you to you and Chris for a good 'smile moment'. I just wish I had taken the time to read this before I cleaned all morning..I might have stayed in my craft room!

Anonymous,  October 1, 2007 at 8:55 PM  

Chris has the right ideas, Lori. Listen to her!

Heather Huggins October 1, 2007 at 11:51 PM  

I Love Chris's revised list!! It's way more practical. Hubby really won't care about the house for at least a week.. HA :)

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