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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Got a Cutter???

So for all those readers out there that do not have a cutter yet.... Do I have a DEAL for you...

Michelle, the owner of Paperthreads (oh, yeah - and my boss) is offering a $10 off coupon on the CraftRobo!!! This is a steal of a deal!!

You get the cutting machine itself, $29.92 worth of cutting files, and free shipping!!! With the additional $10 off that brings the price down to $271!!!! That is a STEAL of a DEAL!!!

And better yet - if you buy a CraftRobo from Michelle and tell her in the comment section of your order that I referred you - I will give you FIVE, yes you read right - FIVE of my files for free!!!! And I will even let you decide which five files you want!!! How awesome is that!!! (But you HAVE to tell Michelle that you were referred by me!!!)

So if you have a cutting machine on your wishlist this holiday season - send you loved one off to buy it for you now!! Or heck go buy it yourself, you deserve it don't you!!!! (Get your coupon here!!!)

If you already have a cutter, well make sure check Michelle's Blog..... I'm sure there will be something there you that would interest you!!! And hey we always have room to add another blog to our reading list - right?!?! LOL

Until Next Time!

Cya ~


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