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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Need some "Challenge" inspiration?

Happy Hump Day!!!

I hope you all weathered the weird weather yesterday! I tell you this weather is just CRAZY! Yesterday we were in the low 80's and then we had those terrible storms blow in... then today the wind is HOWLING at 30 miles per hour and tonight's low is 27 degrees!!! CRAZY I say!

The good thing about the stormy weather yesterday was that it actually forced me to stay in and get my layout for the "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" Challenge done!!! Yep - finally it is done!!!

So here is my example for the Challenge (I'm sorry about the #@%! words! But when you read the whole thing I think you will understand!!! Sometimes a hubby's language can be a curse for a military wife!!)

I used my personal designed title "Got Gas" cutting file for this layout!

Journaling reads:

January 2008 ~ One of the changes I have noticed the most about Andrew since his return from the latest trip to Iraq is the fact that he doesn’t have as much “feel good” or “warm fuzzies” as he used to. He tends to be somewhat abrupt or harsh when talking to others (both at work and at home).

After hearing him talking on the phone one day, I asked him didn’t his mother teach him that he could catch more flies with honey than he could with vinegar? To which he replied that he was used to just getting things done! The heck with sugar coating things! I expressed how I felt people were more likely to do what he wanted them to do if his “Give a Sh*t” factor was maybe a little bit higher. To which he replied that I probably had a good point and that maybe he should try changing his approach.

We decided that if I heard him not being as sensitive as I thought he could be, I would give him a code word. But what that word be? All of a sudden it hit me! Knowing how much the military LOVES acronyms I decided that the code word would be GAS! (aka “Give a Sh*t”) So now when I ask him, “Honey did you remember to get GAS today???” He knows he needs to UP his “Give a Sh*t” factor!

Don't forget that the Challenge deadline is MONDAY, March 3rd at NOON eastern time! Make sure you check back tomorrow as I will start featuring some of the awesome entries that have already been submitted!!!

Until Next Time!



TammyB February 28, 2008 at 2:19 PM  

Kewl layout - I love the story behind the title =)

Anonymous,  February 29, 2008 at 8:48 AM  

Can you win your own prize??? That was fantastic

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