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Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I promised to tell you about the "REST" of my holiday weekend....

On Saturday we went out on our jetski! This has been one of the best purchases we have ever made. We bought it after Andrew came home from Iraq in 2006 and we have had a blast on it. Living on Coastal GA needless to say there is a ton of places to explore....

Well one of our neighbor's down the road purchased two jetski's last summer and then another one of our neighbor's just purchased their jetski a few weeks ago... Well neither one of them knew how to make it out to St Catherine's Inland nor did they know where the marina's are where you can refuel. So we decided to head out and show them around. We also invited our old next door neighbor's who have a boat to go with us...

Before heading out on Saturday morning - we looked at the radar and it was clear as a whistle - but they did predict 30% afternoon thunderstorms. Well this is GA - we have the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms EVERY day during the summer. Normally if you wait about 10 or 15 min they pass on by....

So we headed out - the four jetskis and our mother ship - the boat! LOL We got to the first marina, then we headed out to the second one where we filled up two of the jetski's with gas and then head on over to St Catherines Island. At this time two of our jetskis headed back in as they had an afternoon engagement.

The rest of us piled out on the beach, unloaded our coolers and ate lunch! All of a sudden it got REALLY dark towards where we live. Lighting started popping, it was thundering - all in the distance... It was still sunny and clear where we were. So we decided to just keep a watch out on it.

Our neighbors with the jet ski along with hubby and I on ours decided to head around the island a little ways for some play time in the water and sight seeing.... we get about 1/8 of the way around the island and I told Hubby - look over there - it looks like another storm is popping up and it is starting to look kind of iffy behind us as well....

So we decided to head home..... Well the big bad storm was between us and home.... we made it about three bends away from our dock and it got NASTY - lightening, thunder, it was cold, it started raining... it was ugly! So we decided to turn back around and go back to the Sunbury Marina. So we turned around. Got to the Marina and decided we would wait it out. There was a clear spot in between two of the storms. Once that got even with us- we were going to make a run for it.....

Well while we were at the Marina - another storm came up from behind us... It was right over St Catherine's Island and it was NASTY!! I mean - the scary kind of nasty!! So we decided to hop on the skis and in the boat and make a run for it!!!!

Did you ever see the movie "Hidalgo"??? You know the scene where he is on the horse and the sand storm is right behind him??? I SWEAR to you - that was exactly what this was like!! We headed away from the Marina - and that storm was on our BUTTS!!!!! It was SCARY!!!!

We hauled butt, made it between the two storms in front of us and to the dock. We got the boat pulled out, then pulled out one of the jet skis (we decided to leave ours in) and headed for home! (Now home is just around the corner from the dock) When we pulled into the drive way we jumped out and made it into the house just as the BOTTOM FELL OUT!!!!! (And I mean really fell out - we had 1.5" of rain with thunder and lightening in 45 min!!!)

Talk about close.... wheew!!!!

After all that excitement on Saturday - we decided Sunday just to stay home and relax!! LOL

So there you have it - my exciting 4th of July weekend!!! Hope you all had a great time!!!

Now one quick reminder - there is something really exciting and fun happening on Sunday July 20th!!! You are not going to want to miss it!! So make sure you stay tuned!!!

Until Next Time!


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Lisa July 9, 2008 at 3:13 PM  

Omg Lori! You are better than a suspense novel! Girl you crack me up! :)

Send some rain to Kentucky...we need it.

Lucky Charm Crafts by Lynn Barwald July 9, 2008 at 5:39 PM  

Honest, Lori! Don't you just hate that scary stuff? It reminded me of the 3 hurricanes we lived through.. right in the eye of 3 of them. I was terrified. I did not like it one bit!!! Glad you're home safe & sound! XOXO, Lynn

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