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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday Fun...

I am totally swamped today - I am trying to get the rest of my products up in the Beloved Keepsakes Store (have you checked it out lately???? No - well head on over - the additonal photos, review all of it is actually up and running!!!!! FINALLY)

I am also trying to get my house clean (as hubby will be home soon - and I have done NOTHING to the house in the alomst four weeks he has been gone!) and I am trying to pack for my trip!!! (YES - I am annal - the trip is still about six days away - but I have to think about and lay out everything I need - Before hand!!!!)

So - seeing I have all that to get done... I am going to share with you today something REALLY fun (and not work for me!!!)! My friend Jamie (she use to own the LSS - you know the one I kept going back and forth about buying last year?!?!) well - she has started doing these awesome "Try it Tuesdays" where she features and "trys" a new scrapbooking technique.

So click HERE and go check out today's "Try it Tuesday". I don't what was better the technique or watching my crazy friend Jamie!!!!! (Yes she said it was like 2:30 AM when she was doing this - but rest assured she is this much fun no matter WHAT time of the day, errrr night - it is!!!)

Hope you enjoy - and if you head over that way - drop her a comment and tell her I sent you over!!!!!

Until Next Time.... oh sooo much to do!!!



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