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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can you say....

Slacker?!?!?!?! Ok, ok... I really am not a total slacker! I really did mean to blog yesterday - HONEST I did..... but alas.... it just didn't happen!!!

But you will be happy to know that even with an upset tummy (I think I have a small tummy bug - can you say yuck!) I have been a busy busy busy little bee.... and trying hard to get some stuff knocked out!!!! HONEST...... see here is my proof! This is what my desk NORMALLY looks like (and yes before you ask I am OCD - everything has a place and everything in its place!!!)

And this is what my desk looks like right now.......

So see I have been busy! Of course all the busyness has left me feeling frustrated..... I am about over TS Fay. We have dealt with her three times with all her going North, then Heading West, then heading back North East... and let me tell you - 5.5 inches of rain is just not good!! Even with my dehumidifier cranking - the humidity is off the charts - and high humidity ='s bad cutting for me!!!! And now we have the other storm heading towards the Gulf.... sheesh!!!!

Ok - enough whining from me.... I hope you will forgive me for not posting yesterday - I promise to try and do better!!! But hey - if I am working so hard (and as you can tell from my desk I AM!!!), that means new files for you at Paperthreads and new titles and embellishments at Beloved Keepsakes - and we all know that is GOOD!

Until Next Time!



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