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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A little blue...

Hey everyone... so I have to say I am a little "blue" today! Seems hubby's deployment may have been bumped up! Now don't get my wrong - I knew it was coming. The deployment that is... but I had it in my mind it was NEXT summer (you know as in far far far away) - and now that it has been bumped up - well it seems like REALLY close all of a sudden!

Looking on the bright side - at least he will be home for the holidays! That is GREAT - this will make two years in a row! So I am very excited about that!!! Whooo Hooo! And hey - if he has to go - might as well go ahead and get it over with right???

Additionally he is being moved into a new job - and with that it looks like our promotion may have went through! (Notice I said OUR PROMOTION!) LOL!!!! We are just waiting on the final rubberstamp and then the paperwork aka orders to be cut! (I heard that could take another three or four months!!! Crazy huh?!?!)

Let me tell you - the life of a military wife is like a roller coaster! It is always up and down - and then up and then down again......

Anywhoooo you don't want to hear my whinning I am sure!!! So moving on!

Sussann asked me how do you go about making a request for a file.... Well all you have to do is send me an email at lori_mcdnld@yahoo.com and I will do my best to get your request filled! And if I am actually able to fill your request - then you get the file FOR FREE for helping me come up with something new! Whoo Hoo! What a deal huh???

I actually LOVE working on custom orders and special request as it makes me think outside my normal box! Being a "non" mom - not having kids really limits me on designing as I don't think of baby stuff - or kid type stuff very often!

So I would love to hear of any special request you may have..... I am actually working on a bunch of shapes right now for the Beloved Keepsakes Scrapbooking store for a design team! (I will also be offering these in the cutter files as well!).

So if you don't have a cutter machine - but you are looking for something specific - send me email! I will see what I can do!

Oh - guess what -for those that lived though my leaky roof last year, and the green wall - I have finally ordered new furniture!! I am sooo excited!!! Now here is the problem - I ordered a sectional!!! And I am NOT sure if it is going to fit! I know, I know... but we really wanted more seating - and our living area is all open. So you can see in the living room, dinning room and kitchen no matter where you are in any of those rooms. But that means that the actual living area is pretty small!

Well did you know that online you can actually lay your floor plan out and put the actual measurements in - and then the furniture store has their pieces already programmed in - the actual size so you can lay it out and see if it will fit!!! Amazing huh?!?!

Well - it is going to be borderline. It is either going to just barely fit and be cozy - or be to big and be cramped! I can do cozy - but there is no way I can do cramped!!! The good thing is that Haverty's will let you take three days to decide if you like the furniture or not - and if not - you can return it for a FULL REFUND!!!!! So..... we did it! We ordered the furniture!

So imagine this sofa with OUT the chaise. (There was no way the chaise was going to fit!!!) So the L shape is equal sizes and then the left side will look just like the right side (oh and the end seats are recliners!!).

Then this is my accent chair! I know - I know - it is a little funky - but I LOVE IT!!!! And it matches the sofa perfectly!!! (The sofa color is called "herbal" and it isn't as green as it looks in this photo!)
The other thing I was worried about was the "Green Wall" but we brought the material samples home and it all blends wonderfully! I am sooo excited (well except for the fact that they said it will take probably 4 to 6 weeks to get here!! BOOOO!!!)

Hubby was laughing and laughing when we left the store as I was going on and on about how I felt like such a grown up - I mean we BOUGHT living room furniture! That is like - soooo grown up!!! Bahahahaha..... I mean lets face the facts - my sofa I have now is 25+ years old and I purchased it at a garage sale!!!!

I mean hey - don't you agree - furniture buying is a "Grown Up" thing to do!!!! LOL

Until Next Time!



Anonymous,  August 14, 2008 at 5:06 PM  

I want to be a grown up too. I guess my day will come. Just about all of my furniture has been handed to me from family members. The older I get, I am thinking cozy would be great. My son's roommate had a sectional about the same as you chose and they loved it. The double recliners were great. They were also sad to see it go when the roommate married and moved out. I think you will love it when you get it.

Ileana August 14, 2008 at 5:47 PM  

Hang in there, Lori! I know EXACTLY how you feel and I will do ANYTHING I can to help you. You can even come and stay with us--with your dogs, of course.

Congrats on the new furniture! I'm jealous. Our sofa is disgusting but comfortable and replacing it is unfortunately low on the priority list. Enjoy your gorgeous grown up room!

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