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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Survivor... of more than one kind!!

So yesterday ended up being quite an interesting day. For those who are new to reading my blog - the squirrels love to torment my dog! I swear to you - those squirrels are EVIL! They come all the way up to the door steps and flick their tails at my dog!!! She goes nuts!!! (Hehehe...get it... nuts!!! Bahahaha!!!)

Well it drives me insane!!!! I have gotten to the point that I just barely open the door and yell at the squirrels to scare them off (If I let her out to chase them, she will sit under the tree forever and I get sick of waiting on her to come back in!!)

Anyway (now that you have the background) yesterday afternoon Inja (the female dog) was going ballistic at the back door. So much that the puppy (our boy dog Iwe) started barking as well. So thinking that it was yet another squirrel I went to the back door - but when I opened it.... there was no squirrels. I mean none!

I thought, hmmm maybe they actually need to go out and potty. So I let both dogs out. Well Inja started nosing all around the plants on the patio. I kept telling her - there isn't any squirrels hiding back there... but she kept acting all skittish. So I took my foot and pushed one of the planters out of the way to prove there was no squirrels and the it was - A SNAKE!!!!

Now I am not really overly scared of snakes. But let me tell you - any snake that is on my back patio - he pretty much writes his own death sentence in my opinion....

So I round all the dogs up and get them inside and then I go to the garage to get the "hoe". Well - then the chase to get the snake was on. Needless to say - he wasn't ready for his life to end - so it was a little bit of a cat and mouse chase - but I am happy to report -I won the race!!!!

So after killing the snake and taking him off in the woods to dump his body - I came back to wash the blood and yuck off the patio - and low and behold - what did I see?!?!?!

Our friend the toad!

Toad lives on the back patio and he eats the bugs at night. And let me tell you is a pretty sweet life. He is sooo freaking big he can barley hop at all!! And then it dawned on me.... that snake was trying to get out friend the toad!!!! So whether toad knows it or not - yesterday was his lucky day! He is a Survivor!!!!

And speaking of Survivor..... Tonight is the season premier of Survivor Gabon!!!!

I love love love the reality show Survivor.... all my family knows I am not going to pick up the phone on Thursday night - so don't even bother to call!!! Bahahaha!!!

I watched the TV Guide Extra that introduced all the players from this season.... and it is going to be pretty interesting - from an 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist to a pin up model to a Doctor from Atlanta, GA (who was also voted as one of Atlanta's Hottest Bachelor's) this season should be pretty interesting to say the least!!!!

Ok - I think that is about it.... Oh wait! I wanted to let you know that I have got the Custom Made Photo stars up at the Beloved Keepsakes Store!!!! So if you are interested in purchasing a one of a kind gift - check it out!!!

Tomorrow - I will share photos of the winning stars from last weeks contest!!!

Until Next Time!


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Bec,  September 25, 2008 at 7:39 PM  

Oh, Survivor is one of my favorites. I sometimes have to watch it on the web the next day even though I record it. Love that option. I can't wait to see pictures of the winners stars. You never slow down do you Lori!!

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