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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Tuesday....

Oh what a day....

Thanks to everyone that has entered a name for my friends business!!! (See post below)... We are still searching for the RIGHT name - so if you have any more ideas... please please please send them on.

Other than that not a whole lot going on when you list it all out -but dang if I don't feel really busy!!! I am trying to get all my new files test cut (I have 26 new files so far!!!) and then I am trying to get everything ready for this weekend!!

I am heading out to see my hubby and there is a "formal" military ball and send off on Friday night!!! So I have to get new tires on my car, pack the dogs stuff, pack my stuff - take the dogs to the kennel - and I am sure a whole bunch of other stuff as well!!

Speaking of the ball - I tried on my dress on Saturday - sheesh!! IT IS TIGHT!!!! But I am hoping that this week has paid off and that by Friday I will actually be able to sit down and breath while in the dress!!! Tomorrow is weigh in day - so I guess we will see!!

I went and got my toes done... I love painted toe nails - don't ask me why but I do!! They are one of those small little joys in life! That and the foot massage you get while they are doing your toes!!! LOL

Anywho.... I got to run - make sure you check back tomorrow and see the first official weigh in since I have been determined to lose the flab!!!!

Hope you have a great day - and PLEASE keep sending us those store names!!!!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

My cutter files work on many machines. Some examples are the: Klik-n-kut, Pazzle, Wishblade, Silhouette, Cricut, Craft Robo. Some of the most common softwares involved with these machines are: Funtime, Scrapbooking, WinPC/Signlab, Inkscape, Create & Cut, Illustrator, KNK Studio, and Robomaster. These file are available exclusivly at Paperthreads.

We also specialize in pre cut/ pre assembled scrapbooking titles, diecuts, embellishments and keepsakes (including our NEW photo Stars). Make sure to visit our Store!


Paperthreads January 27, 2009 at 8:40 PM  

How about "Twice As Nice for Baby"


2 Hearts Lotions February 1, 2009 at 12:48 PM  


Those are my 3 ideas

Love & Hugs,

Nikki SS on PT

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