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Monday, July 6, 2009

Manic Monday...

That is how my Monday is going!! And yours?? I hope you all had a GREAT 4th of July and were able to spend time with your family and friends!

As for me... well on Thursday I told you that I was off to see the movie "My Sister's Keeper". Now going into this move I was very very very excited!!! I had read the book and LOVED IT!!! I mean really loved it!!! It was the first book that I ever got to the end of it and though "Holly cow! I did NOT just read that!!!" I even flipped back the last chapter and read it again just to make sure what I thought happened - actually DID happen.

I begged my next door neighbor to go with me - explaining that YES it was going to be sad movie and yes she probable was going to cry - but the end - oh the end would totally make the movie worth it!!!

So off to the movies we went! And within the first five mins my friend was crying and continued to cry through out the WHOLE movie!! And I have to admit there were a few times when I was weepy myself! Now with any movie that you have read the book before the movie has come out - I found myself saying "That wasn't in the book", "That didn't happen in the book".... and then we get almost to the end....

I am sitting on the edge of my seat and...... THEY CHANGED THE ENDING!!!! I was sooooo ticked off when I left that movie!!! I mean I was MAD!!! Yep, they rewrote the whole ending so it just ended up being a sad movie!!! And it is that - a very sad movie - but hello!!!!! Grrr!! I am still mad about it!!!

My neighbor liked it even though when we walked out of the movie her eyes were all read and puffy and her nose was all stopped up.... and I guess since she hadn't read the book then she has no expectations - but for me.. it sucked!!!!

Thus, I will give the BOOK five stars! And the movie, well I think it would just be 1 star! And had I known that the had rewrote the ending and it was JUST a sad movie - I never would have gone!

Now on Saturday I went to movies again - this time with my friend Jules.... and we saw "The Proposal". I loved this movie!!! Now I really like Sandra Bullock - she is a home town girl who actually owns a house here on Tybee Beach - so you have to like her cause of that - but I also like her cause for the most part I have enjoyed her movies - and this one was no different! It's a chick flick - but I would have to give it four stars and I am glad I went to see it!

Other than that - not much happened this weekend! I did upload a new file to the Scrapbooking, Card and More membership. This was a really cool "Family Reunion" scrapping title.

You can use the title alone, the group of people alone - or you can put it all together like I did here!

If you would like to own this cutter file - it's not to late to join the membership! We are up to 17 downloads right now - and we still have three weeks left! To join, just go HERE!

Hmmm - the only other exciting thing is I actually started water aerobics this morning!!! It was raining when I first go up so I thought I was going to get out of the first class - but no it stopped in time! LOL All in all I think it is going to be interesting to see if this will help fuel my weight lost! I am determined so I hope it does!

Alrighty then, I think that is it for today! Hope you have a great Manic Monday and I need to get off here and go cut some files!

Until Next Time!


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Bec,  July 6, 2009 at 8:21 PM  

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your movie news.

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