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Sunday, August 30, 2009

WINNER - and an apology!

HAPPY Sunday!!! Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday! I personally am busy as a bee as I have three yellow ribbon photo pin orders and two custom made photo star orders to get out the door. But, I wanted to announce the Winner of the "Refer me to your Friends" contest that I held on Friday.

Before I do that - I want to publicly issue an apology! It seems that some of you might have gotten into trouble or gotten some "nasty grams" for posting the link to my blog on some of the forums. I apologize GREATLY for that! It was NEVER my intention for anyone to get into "trouble" or to be blessed out for sharing a link to a FREE cutter design! (Sheesh!!!) So if you were one of those people (and believe it or not there were several) I do apologize from the bottom of my heart that that happened to you!

I also want to explain to you WHY I hosted such contest.... see it is my belief that the BEST form of advertisement is word of mouth and word of mouth comes best from HAPPY CUSTOMERS!!! I do not believe in going to a forum, or on a message board that I have no reason to be on and toot my own horn. While I do need for my business to grow (or else hubby might make me give up designing and make me "gasp" get a REAL job)... It is more important to me to keep my reputation and my integrity in tack than to make money.

For example - you will probably NEVER find me on any of the SCAL or Cricut forums. Now I have (due to huge customer requests) started offering my designs in the SVG format for these users, but I don't own SCAL. Nor do I own a Cricut, so for me to go there wouldn't be helpful for anyone. I wouldn't be able to contribute to the discussion, nor would I be able to help you with a problem. Therefore the ONLY reason I would be there would be to "drum up some business"... and that just isn't my personal style..... (Let me add in a note right here about my SVG file's, while I don't have SCAL or a Cricut I do have a very good friend who is very knowledgeable and who DOES own SCAL and a Cricut that checks my SVG's for me to make sure that they are compatible and are formatted correctly!!!)

Now I will say that this is a business and every business has it's own business practices - and I am not saying that theirs or mine is correct - this is just the way I PERSONALLY feel! So once again if you got "in trouble", got a "nasty gram" or had your post deleted - I am so sorry, truly it wasn't my intent and I hope you understand what I was "trying" to do and why I was "trying" to do it!!!

Sooo, now that has been said - lets get on to the good stuff!!! THE WINNER of the "Refer me to your Friends" contest!

I took all the names from the people who referred me somewhere and then came back and told me that they referred me - I put them all in the "randomizer" and our winner is:

PAM in CA!!!!
Pam you win SEVEN of my original designs!! So go start picking them out - and when you decide shoot me an email at: lori_mcdnld@yahoo.com and I will send you your prize!!!

Once again thank you ALL for being such GREAT customers and friends! I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will catch ya tomorrow!!!

Until Next Time~


Lori McDonald, Designer

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