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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Man where oh where does time go??!?! I have been a busy little bee as of late. I got a notice yesterday from the USPS that if you are shipping mail overseas for the holidays (to be specific to Afghanistan) then it has to be mailed via priority mail NO LATER THAN Dec 7th. So all of a sudden it was like oh crap!! What am I going to do for hubby for Christmas.....

And so the online shopping began.... Hence I missed blogging last night. But I did figure out what I am going to do for hubby - and I got most of it ordered - now I am just having to wait for all the parts and pieces to arrive and put it all together and do what I need to do to before I ship it!!! (I was up until about 3 AM this morning working on part of it!!! LOL)

Today - well today I am uploading even MORE new files!!!! You have seen all my files in the store right? I am kind of amazed and impresses with myself - I joined the VDBC "More" Team on Oct 1st and here we are 28 days later - and I already have OVER a 130 files up in the store! Additionally of those over 60 of them are BRAND NEW Designs!!!! Not tooo shabby!!! If I do say so myself!

Here are a couple more of my favorite new files (remember you can click on the photo and it will take you straight to the design in the store!)

Oh - did you know that the photos that you see above are photos of my ACTUAL test cut design? Yep - I test cut ever single design that I come up with and then I assemble them and then I take the photos that you actually see in the store!

Don't forget to check back TOMORROW for a Fun and Haunting announcement - and don't forget that we are only two days away from FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!!

Additionally, DON'T FORGET - tomorrow is the last day to enter my Weekly Scrapping Challenge and to be qualified for this COOL prize!!!

Here are a couple more entries that have come in - The first one is by Ginger (aka Games)

And this one was submitted by Pam in SD!

I have to say they are pretty dang awesome!!!!

Before I go - I thought I would share this cute cute cute commercial with you!!! I very seldom see commercials as I have a DVR and I NEVER watch a TV when it comes on - I DVR it just so I can skip the commercials - but.... somehow I saw this one yesterday and besides the fact that the car in the commercial could be the twin sister of my own car... this commercial just CRACKED me up!!!!

I am sooo loving the "southern" accent - and the lines - "Oh no.... your tire is all flat and junk!!" Bahahahaha!!! And then..... "Oh shoot - I got no phone!" Bahaahhaha!!! It kills me!!

Hope you have a Happy Hump Day!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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Gloria,  October 28, 2009 at 1:21 PM  

Lori, I'm hoping you will eventually share what you're getting hubby for Christmas (like you did last year)... In the meantime - do you have suggestions for what to send to our loved ones in Afghanistan? My son is leaving for there next month and will be deployed for 6 months. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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