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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sorry Folks....

It has been crazy the last few days... I am going to Physical Therapy three times a week which is kicking my butt! And then just the day to day stuff... and then right now I am in the middle of TAX H*LL!!!!

I hate hate hate tax time - let me tell you! And I bring it on myself year after year after year. I say every SINGLE year I am not going to get all behind - I refuse to have to sit here and input all these receipts all at one time..... and yet.... sigh.....

Of course this time it isn't my fault! I was actually ALL caught up and to date when I left to go to AZ in June.... then the GREAT COMPUTER CRASH of 2009 happened and I lost all of it... all of it was caput!

I was no longer motivated and I let it all pile up again! And since I LOST EVERYTHING from Jan until June - well I have to go back and re-add all of that too....

So if you see numbers floating over your head.... well they are probably coming from my house....

I hope to get all of my business done in the next few days - then I have all of hubby's to get done..... and maybe, just maybe when I get that done - all the tax docs will have arrived and I can actually get down to doing my taxes!

I am looking forwards to my refund as I plan to put that away for my trip to the Bahamas!!! What?!?! I didn't tell you - yep I am going to the Bahamas for EIGHT days after hubby gets home!!! Whooo Hoooo....but more to come on that later!

Back to the books I go.....

I'll try to check in more often!!!! (Oh and I have a special sale coming up this weekend I need to come back and tell you about!!!!)

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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Ileana January 18, 2010 at 9:25 PM  

Oh! Good luck, Lori. I pass on all that paperwork. LOL! If I can't cut and glue it, I don't want it. Besides, I get to help with all the homework the kids bring home. Boy, is that A LOT of paper!

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