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Friday, May 14, 2010

Working like a dog...

If you are wondering where I have been.... well the title of this post says it all!!! I have been working like a dog!!!

See it all started back in Oct when my dear MIL "inherited" some moola that she wasn't expecting!!! She (being the awesome person that she is) decided to share said inheritance with all us kids and sent us a check and told us to purchase something with the money that we would normally never purchase for our selves, but to make sure it was something we REALLY wanted...

Well I had been lusting after this all stone wall water fountain for about three or four years at this store in our local mall. But the fountain was $795!!! No way was I going to pay that for it!!! So while hubby was home from Afghanistan on his midtour leave in Oct, we went in and he talked the owner into selling us said fountain for $320!!! Whoo Hooooo!!! Needless to say, the fountain came home with us and has been sitting in the garage ever since!

Being the design type person I am, I had visualized a whole layout and landscape to complement said fountain. To include all new plants, about 1/2 of ton of river rocks and what have you (aka a huge amount of work!!!)

So two days ago I FINALLY talked hubby into starting the project - and hence I have been working like a dog ever since!!

I think we will get the actually fountain installed today!! Yippppeeeee!!! (Plants are going to probably have to wait until next week)....

So that's where I have been, pulling up roots, digging holes, and shoveling rock!!!! I promise to post photos next week!!! Meanwhile, back to work I go!!

Oh, I forgot to mention - that not only have I been working like a dog in my yard, but I also got 8 new files loaded in the store this week!!! This include the "Footprints" design I posted last week!!

Make sure you pop in and check them out!!

Hope you all have an AWESOME weekend!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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Caroline May 14, 2010 at 5:36 PM  

what a wonderful reason to have been really busy! looking forward to seeing your pictures :)

I love your "Footprints" file. Nicholas (DS) and I were just talking about conservation and how important is it to "only leave your footprints behind" !

Lisa Avolio May 20, 2010 at 12:31 PM  

What an ironic post- you are working like a dog to change everything, but the cutting file is the opposite. I love it!
Sometimes conservation is the way to go; other times, it's great to make a new landscape. We have a mix of those in my yard, with the wilderness trying to overgrow the landscaping I've done. :)

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