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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Good Morning World Wide Web and all my Beloved Keepsakes friends and fans!!! Ok, actually it ain't a good morning, but I am determined to be POSITVE and try to change that!!!

Life tends to throw us so many daily challanges. One right after another it seems in my case... So that is why I missed Monday and Tuesday's blog post! Sorry - please forgive me!

It seems as far as work is concerned I have sooo many fingers in so many pies - that none of them are getting completely baked!!! Then as far as home life is concerned, things are breaking like crazy!!! Oh yeah and hubby still doesn't have a job after Sept 30th - so that is a little stressful!!!

But I am determined to try and be positive, handle one thing at a time and just try to plow though it! "IT is what it IS"! (Ah remember that phrase?!?!?)

So the bright note of today - well... I got my embrodiery machine fixed!!! Yipppeeeee!!!! And there actually WAS something wrong with it! And I wasn't the one who did it!!! So that was a huge huge relief! Now I hope and pray I can actually get it to sew correctly now without fighting it EVERY step of the way!!!

Oh and here is a bright spot... we are up to 100 fans on the Beloved Keepsakes Facebook Fan Page! Are you a fan?!?!? If not - go join up and please invite all your friends! I am going to be having an AWESOME give-a-way once we hit 150 Fans!

And speaking of the Fanbook page - if you are a fan already then you saw the "sneak peek" of the new military themed items coming to the Beloved Keepsake Boutique! Well.... What did you think??? I have gotten a lot of positive comments - so I think they are going to go over well! (If you are not a Facebooker - I promise to share here in the next couple of days!!)

Ok I have to go (I have to call a refigerator repairman to see if they can come fix the frig!!! I told you things are breaking like crazy!!!), but I thought I would share this quick photo with you! A fellow military wife/friend snapped this photo last weekend of hubby and I at the ball! I am still waiting on the formal photo to come in! Will share that when it does!

Hope you are trying to stay positive today and face your challanges head on, one by one!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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Lisa August 25, 2010 at 9:56 AM  

Beautiful picture! Lori, that color of blue looks so pretty on you!!

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