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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Computer Issues....

Sorry everyone!! Just about the time you get use to me blogging again -I up and miss a day!!!! I am have a really good reason though - I am having some major major computer issues!!!

You know there is nothing I hate more than computer issues!!! Really I don't think that there is... well let me take that back - there is nothing more that I hate than computer issues EXCEPT the computer issues that I cause myself!!! Yep... I am afraid my three nights of extreme pain of dealing with my computer is all due to my own fault.

Hmmm - no let me take that back.. really it isn't MY fault it is hubby's fault!!! Yeah, yeah - that's right it is HIS fault!!! (I know, I know... you are not surprised to find out that it was the man's fault - right?!?! Bahahah!!)

No in all seriousness... it is ULTIMATELY his fault... see he has had my PINK cell phone for the past few months. Well ever since he has gotten home from Afghanistan. (And yes, let me tell you he has gotten some serious teasing over that pink phone!!!) And since he has had my phone - it kind of got, well broke!!! Like where it flips open. It had gotten to the point that the only way you can use it is if it was on speaker phone.

Well on Monday he got his VERY own NEW phone!!!! (A ruggedized one that hopefully he will not be able to break!!) And I finally got my phone back!! Granted it was broken -but I could use it...

I decided since my new phone won't be here for a couple of weeks (that was the price he had to pay for breaking my phone) that I would go ahead and write down all my contacts in a notebook to make it easier to transfer them over when my new phone gets here. (It seems that since my old phone is Alltel and my new phone is Verizon they can't transfer it for me! Uh, ok...)

Well I flipped open my phone and this is what I got.....

The BLANK screen of DEATH!!!! Yep, can't look up anything, can't hear anyone, can't see what you are dialing or scrolling to, heck you can't even put it on speakerphone!!! So I have now lost EVERYTHING!!!! All my contacts, my calendar dates... everything.

So I went online and tried to figure out if there was a way I could pull my contacts from my phone - and there seemed to be a program that would allow me to do it!! So I downloaded and installed it.... and that is when all my troubles began!!!!! (And no, I didn't get my contact off of it!! Grrr!!!)

Now here I am, three days later, so many hours I can't even being to count - and I am hopefully optimistic that I might have, maybe fixed said problems.... I am not holding my breath, but we shall see....

Thus that is where things stand... I have no cell phone (the new one, thank goodness, was already on order but doesn't have a ship date until 8/20/10), my computer is being wacky, I can't get to my contacts and well... if that isn't horrible enough, my embroidery machine is acting up as well!!!!

Oh well, it is what it is... RIGHT?!?! Hope you are all fairing better than I! (Oh and if you were one of those people that I had your contact information - can you please email it all to me again?!? I would appreciate it!! Andddd.... if you are trying to reach me, call my home phone, not my cell! Bahahaha!!)

Until Next Time!


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