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Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm in love...

Oh did you hear the news?!?!?! Vera Bradley has come out with a new line!!!!  Sigh.... 

Now I am not even sure when I began lusting over Vera Bradley stuff - but man lately everything I have seen Vera has just been soo soooo soooooooo yummy!!!!

Now hubby, he just doesn't get how fabric much less fabric items can be yummy!!!  But it can - and especially this new "Twirly Bird Pink" line!!!  Oh oh oh my!!!  Add to it is PINK (and those who know me know how I can't resist pink)!! And then to add to the mix it is in honor of breast canceer - why who can resist?!?!!?  (NOT ME!!!)

So anyone wanting to know what to get me Christmas any of these would do just fine!!!!

I think my first choice is the "Gabby" -    
 Then I am also digging the "Maggie" -

But I like the "On the Go" too -

  (I know, I know... you only need one purse... I JUST can't decided which of the three I like the mostest!!!  I think Santa will have to decided!!! Bahahaha).

This matching ball point pin is too cute -

I also love the "Mini Hipster" -

And the "One for the Money"  would me worthy of my change -

Sigh... I think I just love them all!!!  This is for sure one of my top favorite patterns and favorite things!   Speaking of Christmas and favorite things...  What's your favorite thing right now?  Come on share!!!

As for me, I am off to dream of a pink Christmas!  Hope you are all have a great weekend!!!

Until Next Time!


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Sharon October 3, 2010 at 1:26 AM  

I to was drawn to that line, I love the "On the Go" I love having the pockets on the outside for your cell phone. That is so my style.

And love the contrasting strip down the middle. Really Cute design.


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