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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How did it...

So how the heck did it get to be Tuesday?!?!  Where oh where did Monday go?!?!

Actually my Monday was beyond hectic!!!  The day started with hubby calling to say he had left something he really needed for work could I meet him half way on the drive back home - so I jumped up out of bed got what he needed and started driving.

After meeting him on the road, I went ahead and picked the dogs up from the kennel (since I was already out and about)... then it was home to bath both of them.  I remember why I don't bath them now - it is a huge pain in the rump!!!!  Two hours later....

I started laundry, paying bills, getting out my father's day cards and birthday cards, shipping back some returns and shipping out an order, and then the ADT guy showed up. (We had an alarm incident and they were coming to verify the equipment was working properly.)

Then I designed two new files!! Yipppeee!!!!  Took an order for 70 Military Tiles, placed an order for supplies to get that tile order completed and then the next thing you know - it is time to start supper cause hubby should be home soon.

All of a sudden there was screaming and shouting from the next door neighbors house, my dogs were going crazy, so I went out to get them - and low and behold the neighbors daughter is caught up in a fight with her, I guess now, ex-boyfriend and some other chick.  I tried to defuse the situation to no avail... I go inside and the next thing you know the Po-po are in the neighborhood!!!  They came knocking on my door to see what I knew...  shesh!

Hubby gets home, dinner is far from ready.... and yeah well that was my Monday!!!

Hope you Monday was better - and I hope you have a GREAT week!!!!  As for me.... I am off to get some designing done cause then I need to start on that tile order!!!  No rest for the wicked!! Bahahaha!!!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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Julie June 14, 2011 at 11:02 AM  

What a day - did you get some inspiration from it? Maybe a dog bath file, or jeezes where's my head or maybe he's not a piece of meat don't fight over him (a card sentiment or something - hopefully no one would make a scrapbook page about a chick fight)...Just trying to find some good in a hectic day...Hope you ordered pizza and called it a day!

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