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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ah... Tuesday....

Do you ever just thank the Lord that is it Tuesday?!?!  Let me tell you after the Monday I had.... I am very very very thankful that it is Tuesday!!!

See I have 33 military tiles that I need to get completed for a pre-paid order.  They are all customized and personalized so they take a bit of time as it is - but yesterday... ah yesterday... for the LIFE OF ME I couldn't get my KNK to cut correctly!!!  I spent over 5 fives hours trying to figure out what was wrong....

Then I spent another three hours virus scanning, updating, defraging and malware checking my computer....

After a night of tossing and turning I got up at 3:30 AM and started working on the cutting issue again!!!  LOW and BEHOLD I solved it!!! FINALLY!!!! Talk about a calamity of issues!  It wasn't just one thing....

But the moral to this tale - one, I am once up and cutting correctly again, persistence pays off!  And two, even a long time cutter designer has cutting issues from time to time!! Bahahahahaha!!!!

For those of you that are part of the QMC - I uploaded a new design today.... I think it turned out pretty cute.... you can use is with the title or without....

If you haven't joined the QMC you better hurry on over and join.... the deadline to purchase the Beloved Keepsakes 2011 QMC is Sept 17th!!!!

Now one last thing... for those of you who believe in the power of prayer.... the bank told us on Friday that we need to make our highest offer on our "dream" retirement house....  we submitted it yesterday and now we just wait to see if they are going to accept it or not.......  Thus.... if you believe in the power of prayer - please say a little prayer that the bank will accept our offer (it is a fair offer) and that by Thanksgiving we will be living here!!!

Ok I am off to finish up my tiles so I can get them delivered!  Hope you have a GREAT day!!!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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Julie August 23, 2011 at 8:12 PM  

Glad you got the computer issues figured out. Said a little prayer for you and your house. Good Luck!

Barracudasue August 24, 2011 at 8:20 AM  

If the Lord wants you to have this home, you will get it. I just hope the bank feels the same way! TONS of prayers going your way for your dream home! :)

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