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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

With a sad heart....

It is with a sad heart that I announce that I am back!!!  Not that I don't want to be back you understand (I actually love you guys), but I am sad for the reason I was MIA for the past two weeks.

On the 31st of Jan. Hubby received a call from Hospice informing him that they did not think his father was going to make it another week.  We dropped everything, arranged flights, rental car and the kennel for the pups and on Feb 1st we flew to AZ...

Over the next five days we helped care for an AMAZING man!  A man who stood for honor, a man of integrity and a man who would (and DID) do just about anything for anyone.

I have to tell you those five days were the HARDEST five days I have ever spent.  Death is not pretty, it is very ugly, very painful, very emotional... but I would do it all again.  To be able to spend the last five days of a person's life giving back to them, to make sure that they are comfortable as can be, to make sure the person knows that they are loved without measure and to be able to tell that person how much they mean to you personally...  it makes it worth all the bad.

On Sunday, Feb 5th at 3:20 PM my father in law passed away.  He was surrounded by people who loved him and who are going to miss him terrible.

So with a Sad heart, I announce that I am back in full swing...

And on that note - I uploaded a new design to the Feb QMC today -

This design was inspired by the fact that we all have family roots - the roots that hold us all together...  If you like this design and would like to added it to your heritage pages or a page about your family tree, I encourage you to join the QMC being hosted by myself and Chris Durnan of VDBC - you can purchase it here!

RIP Graham McDonald, you have touched so many people in so many ways and you will be missed more than you could have ever realized!  I personally was blessed to have you as my father in law!

Until Next Time!


Lori McDonald, Designer

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