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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oh My!!!

So yesterday I announced the Beloved Keepsake's Summer QMC winners - and it seems like my winner's are over the moon that they won!  And I get it!!!  No, really I do!!!

See there is the website called "HouseParty.com".  Have you ever been there?  You sign up to host a party at your house and different companies send you items to share with those at your party.  Then you get to keep the said items!  Cool huh! 

Now I am sure you are saying - well what kind of items... and the truth is there is all kinds of stuff... from kid's toy's to different food and drinks, books and even games...  just all kinds of thing.  And if you are like my hubby - you are asking what's the catch. Well there really isn't one.  Companies realize that the best advertisement of their products is word of mouth and actually being able to try the items out.  So if they can get you to host a party and invite all your friends to see and try their products out - then it is a win win!

Well a few weeks ago I applied to host a Kuerig coffee party.  Sounded like fun and hubby loves his coffee.. in the application section it tells you what all you will get in your party pack.  And in this particular pack it listed cups, napkins, coffee, cookies, and apron and a "special surprise".  Now I will be honest - my thought was maybe the special surprise is a coffee maker - I mean how can you host a coffee party without making coffee. So I applied and didn't think anything more of it...

Until last week.... when I got an email saying I was one of the 2000 people chosen to host a party!!  Exciting right?!?!  Well then the email went on to tell me that in addition to all the items that they said they were going to send that the surprise item was... drum roll...


Shut the front door! I kid you not!  They are sending me a brand new $250 coffee maker and six boxes of coffee packs AND everything else I need to host a party!!!!  I have to tell you I am so so so so beyond excited!! I can't even tell you!!!

Now my hubby is teasing me about winning a "major award" (Do you remember the movie the Christmas Story?)  Bahahaahha!!!  But I say tease away!  In less than two weeks I will be sipping cocoa or sweet tea from my Vue!!!

And yes - I AM over the moon!!!!

If you like to host parties - I suggest checking out HouseParty.com - it may take a few applications before you get picked! But it is soooo exciting when you do!!!

Until Next Time!

Lori McDonald, Designer

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Caroline September 5, 2012 at 6:10 PM  

how cool is that !! congratulations and enjoy your coffee!! (and yes!! I am over the moon about winning!, especially as it involves getting some more of your great files) :)

joanberrie September 9, 2012 at 6:33 PM  

Thats so much FUN! Very happy for you.

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