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Thursday, July 12, 2007

So Sorry...

A little late posting today.... So sorry!!!!

It has been a very hectic and kind of crazy day! I have been working on some new files (one which I am going to make available to you the dear readers of my blog for 24 hours only - before it is even for sale at Paperthreads!!! Whoop Whoop!!!! This is my thank you for helping me come up with some new fresh ideas!!! So make sure you check back tomorrow!!)

Anyway, on with my story, so I have been working on some new files and trying to prep and get all my stuff in order to convert over to KNK files once my new machine gets here... It has been trying to say the least!!! LOL

All the designing terms and concepts are so above my head most of the time... the other designers are talking about doing this and doing that, or you need to make sure you do this and you need to make sure you do that!! I swear it is ALL GREEK TO ME!!!! I do not have a graphics background and most of the time I am flying by the seat of my pants!!! But this too shall pass!!!

On a really cool note... we have decided to have "Mock Thanksgiving" here at the McDonald house during hubby's next leave. I am sooo excited!! I love love love Thanksgiving, and hubby has missed the last two. All my family and all his family travels to our house every year and I cook a HUGE SOUTHERN STYLE dinner!! Yum Yum Yum..... My tummy is already growling!!!

So we decided to hold it on a different date so hubby will not miss this year too!!! Add to the fact that a very special Aunt and Uncle on Hubby's side of the family are planning to come for the first time this year - oh yeah I am soooo excited!!!!

Well, I am off to fill some photo jewelry orders.... make sure you check back tomorrow!!! I think you will be very happily surprised!!!



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