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Monday, July 9, 2007

A wow moment!

So here we are - another Monday... yippeee!!! LOL

Not a lot to report here in Beloved Keepsakes land I am afraid! I did get a wonderful call this morning though. I had a customer (who is also a dear, dear friend) place an order with me yesterday. It seems that she had a family member that was a soldier that was killed in Iraq. She wished to purchase white ribbon pins to send to his immediate family members as a gift in memory of their soldier who gave his life fighting for our country.

Well being a soldiers wife myself - you know I am a sucker for such things - so I completed the order and then I gift wrapped it and attached a hand written note to the recipient from the customer. I then took photos of the completed items and emailed them to my customer since the pins were going straight to the family of the soldier (are you tracking?).

Within 5 minutes of sending that email my phone rang and it was my customer - she was in tears and overcome with emotion. She had gotten my email with the finished products and she was so pleased by them that it just moved her and she felt she needed to call me and thank me for making these white ribbon pins for her.

It is days like this when I love love love what I do!!! To know that I can take a photo of someone and turn it into this beautiful keepsake that actually touches a person's heart or soul!


I feel soooo blessed!

Well I am off to cut some files I designed yesterday!! Will post a preview when I can! Hope you all have an awesome week!

God Bless~


Shirley Clark July 9, 2007 at 4:22 PM  

iaAhhh! Your work touched my heart so much that I had to order another one! Thank you so much for touching our lives through these pins!


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