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Monday, September 24, 2007

A quick stop in...

Good Morning!! Just a quick stop in this morning - a TON of things to get done!!!!

I have five pink photo ribbon pins to complete this morning!! As I am working on some marketing techniques!

Then I am spending the day prepping two weeks worth of dinners for my freezer! You may recall that I had purchased the "Meals for a Month" cookbook - where you prep all your food in one day and then freeze them. Then we you go to cook dinner you just take something out and thaw it out and cook it - or some of them you just take out and cook!!! So this is kind of exciting but it will be a busy day.

Then this evening I have Military Support group at my church!!!

No rest for the weary!! Oh and I have three more files to test cut!!!

So if I get a chance I'll check back in!! I also want to show you a paper "craft" project I am hoping to get done before hubby gets home!!!!

Until Next Time!


PS - Don't forget - I GOT TO SELL MY KNK - if you are interested email me!! And I still need testimonial's!!!!! Thanks!


Chris Durnan September 24, 2007 at 5:15 PM  

No Rest for the weary... I thought it was " no rest for the wicked" (tease) haha. Enjoy! Chris

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