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Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been bitten...

By the Vampire bug.... Yep - I am not into Vampires at all! Nope they don't normally do anything for me. But if you will remember a few weeks ago I asked you - what are you reading??? Well not many of you are readers - or if you are - you didn't feel the need to help me out!!! Bahahaha....

But those out of those of you who did - almost ALL of you said I must read the "Twilight Saga". And my dear friend Meg - she RAVES about the series... So much I even left her a message saying - I'm not into "vampires" would I still like these books - to which she emphatically said YES YES YES!!!

So I decided to give them a try.... especially since the first movie is coming out this week.... I downloaded Twilight on to my Kindle and I am about 1/2 the way through and I have to say its pretty good!! And I really think my step daughter will enjoy them (she is 13). So I had hubby give her a call - and she reported that she was reading the first one now (she borrowed it from a friend) - but that is all the RAVE at her school!

So I purchased the box set for her for Christmas and I even found this fellow ebayer Lisa that makes the most ADORABLE Twilight purses!!! As soon as I saw them - I had to get my stepdaughter one for Christmas!! And then of course that lead to getting her a Twilight bracelet, etc..... (Man you would be shocked at all the "Twilight" stuff out there right now!!!)

Anyway I guess you would say I have been bitten by the TWILIGHT bug!! How about you??? Anyone out there a "twerd"??? Counting down the days until the movie release?? If so you HAVE TO go check out Lisa's purses!!! They are AWESOME!!!

And she also has an AMAZING "Twilight" Premier Night Premade Scrapbooking page on ebay too!!! And make sure you tell her I sent ya!!!

Well I think that is about it... my schedule this week is insane!! I have six photo stars to get done, 100 (yes I said 100) White Ribbon photo pins and I still haven't gotten my new files up at Paperthreads (which HAS TO BE DONE before my sale the weekend after Thanksgiving!)!!! Add to that my Christmas gifts that need to get completed and I need to finish up packing up my Secret Santa gift!!!

Wow - I am tired just typing it all down!!! I'll do my best to blog this week - but if I miss a day or two - well you know why (and yes it maybe cause I am reading instead of working!!!!)

Until Next Time!


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