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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random thoughts...

It is so hard to get focused now days... does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?? Can you believe it has been a month since hubby arrived home from the sandbox? WOW this time has really flown by!!!!

Today is his last day of freedom and then it is back to the grind for both him and I!!! LOL Yep he starts his new job tomorrow and I guess that means I have to GET BACK to work!! I am sooo far behind I am not sure if I can see daylight from under the pile I am under!!! I started making a list of the thing I need to do and it is soooo long - I just quit making it! LOL

So today is just a few random thoughts for you.... I guess I should start off by saying "Happy Halloween!!" Now I am not a big Halloween person at all, not sure why but I just am not... but we have decided to pair up with out neighbors and do a major Halloween scare project at their house. So that is four families all decorating and such at one house..... Hubby is major major major stoked at scaring little kids and their parents!!! Ha!!!! (Hmmmm I wonder if I should be worried about this!!! LOL) So last night they spent hours last night decorating and practicing and getting read for tonight. Now me - I am making the chili and the dessert for everyone to eat dinner before hand and my only job tonight is to dress in black and run the fog machine..... I think I have determined the only thing different between men and boys is their toys!!! LOL

It is kind of funny to me though... this whole Halloween fascination thing that my hubby has. I mean he is totally in to it!!! (I will have to try and take photos and share them with you all tomorrow!!) We are very strong and committed Christians and having said that - I think that is why I kind of don't like Halloween. But for my husband, this was the first "American Holiday" he ever experienced in this country. He was telling me yesterday that he was 15 or 16 when they got here and they had only been here for about two months and they had just moved to the mine where his dad had gotten a job - and everyone was like - oh you moved here just in time for Halloween! Hubby and his sister were like "What is Halloween?" And everyone told them all you need to know is how to say "Trick or Treat!" LOL So hubby said about after the third house and half of bag of candy latter - he was LOVING AMERICA and their weird holidays!!! Bahahahaha!!!

Another Random thought... My sister in law emailed me yesterday - my bother in law had made it home from the sandbox!!!!! FINALLY!!! After 15 months!!! So that was another huge prayer answered!!! She sent several pictures and I just loved this one so I thought I would share!!!!

And finally - my friend Susan Bowers is making these AWESOME journals that she is also selling. Here is a sample of one of them!

I thought this would make an awesome gift for a prayer partner, a daughter or a sister, or even a coworker!!! If you are interested please contact her! I believe she is charging $4 each plus the price of shipping (can you say cheap but AWESOME gift)!!! She has been such a huge blessing in my life and I am just sooo thrilled that she has decided to use her creative talents in a way to help support her family financially!!

So I guess that is it for today - I need to get up and get that Chili going for tonight! I hope everyone had a very safe and fun Halloween no matter how you plan to spend it!!!

Until Next Time!



Anonymous,  October 31, 2007 at 3:47 PM  

Oh boy she's back . . . and I am thrilled! Missed you girlfriend!


Anonymous,  October 31, 2007 at 11:27 PM  

You came up for air! I know you are enjoying having that husband of yours back-and I am sure you have loads of stories to tell!!! You've been sorely missed!

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