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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Party anyone?!?!?

Have you heardyou hear?!?!?! We're having our first ever Paperthreads 12 Days After Christmas Blog Party! Whoo Hoooo!

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Here's how it's going to work:

Every day for the 12 days after Christmas Day we'll be giving great deals on some of our favorite files and collections some for the holidays, some for the new year, and some just for the fun of it! But, you'll never know which blog will have the deal of the day and it will only be good for that day, so you'll have to check each blog each day to find out who's got the deal!

Cool, huh? You can find links all the Paperthreads Designers Blogs by clicking HERE. We're really excited to be able to extend the Christmas Spirit beyond the holidays into the New Year. Doesn't it always seem that the "Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men" feeling of December fades too quickly? All too soon we're back to our everyday lives, business as usual. This is our chance to say thanks for all your support of us at Paperthreads all throughout the year and also a way for us to wish you a great 2008!

I don't think anyone could be as passionate about digital cutters than the designers at Paperthreads, and I don't think there's a greater group of people addicted to their cutters as you'll find on the Paperthreads Forum. I think it's the best place on the net, and I'm sure you agree!

So, please come join our little Blog Party... after all when the weather outside is frightful, the files are so delightful! So let it snow, and stay home for the party this time!See you there!

Until Next Time!



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