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Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm a busy little elf!!

Just dropping in really quick to say "Hello!" It was a really busy weekend! Wheew!! First - we went by the "Secret Santa Shop" to check on my Christmas present!!! It isn't here yet.... booo hooo hoooo... but we were able to "try it out" and I found out that all my work is paying off!!! Whoooo Hoooo!!! I know this is pretty cryptic... but I can't give my Santa Secret's away just yet!!! (More to come on this subject!!!)

Then on Saturday morning we received a call from Sara and Chaplain Fisher... their very first baby was born!!!! THREE WEEKS EARLY!!!! So we ran over to visit - can you say sooooo stinking cute!!! (Ok - BUT not cute enough to want one full time.... FYI - for all my family reading this!!!)

Then it was off to have dinner with my mom and dad... it was my mom's birthday - and we were able to surprise her with dessert complete with a candle and the piano player playing "Happy Birthday".

Then yesterday - well I think I had a touch of food poisoning. It was quite yucky!!! But by the afternoon I was able to work on my Christmas gifts... and oh I can't wait til I can share with you my Christmas gifts!! They are turning out sooooo awesome!!!! Don't you just love when you make a gift that you just can't wait to give to the person you made it for!!!

So today I am back hard at work! I have the very last package to get sealed up and mailed off!! Thank GOODNESS!!!

So there you have it....

Hope you are having a great day and having a ball preparing for the holidays!!!

Until Next Time!!!




Anonymous,  December 17, 2007 at 4:05 PM  

She is beautiful!

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