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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brrrr... It's cold outside!!!

Good Morning!!! I have to tell you it is REALLY cold this morning!!! It actually got down to 26 degrees last night!!! So of course you know I had to run out and take photos this morning!!! Ok - so it ISN'T SNOW!! But it probably the closest thing we will see here in South GA!!! (You can see the ice really good on my neighbor's roof - where it is light grey - that's the icy - then black which is no ice!! )

It was so cold last night driving back from having dinner with one of my friend's that my car's computer actually told me that the roads was ICY.... WHOA... I have NEVER seen that before - Heck didn't even know my car would do that!! Bahahahaha!!

Speaking of "It's cold outside"... I love the Christmas time song "Baby It's Cold Out There"! And I was totally shocked that my hubby had NEVER heard this song!! I was like - ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! LOL So in honor of that I found this cute cute cute video on "YouTube" this morning... the girl who actually made this video played both the female and the male role!!! I thought it was wonderful!!! Hope you enjoy.....

I am off to run so errands.... (the ice should be gone now!! LOL)

Try to stay warm no matter where you are!!
Until Next Time!



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