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Friday, February 8, 2008

Got to LOVE the internet!!!

So last night was hubby's night out with the "boys"! One of our dear friends is heading back to the "sandbox" in the next few weeks so the boys decided to have one more night of drinking beer and telling war stories! I say - More power to them!!! This left me with a free night of watching MY favorite TV Shows!!! Whoooo Hooooo!!!!

For those of you that don't know it - I am a reality tv junkie!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE reality tv!!!! From Survivor, to American Idol, Trump's Apprentice, to Project Runway and Hells Kitchen. I love them all!!

So what BETTER night to be left at home alone but a Thursday night!!! First night of the NEW session of Survivor (the fans vs the favorites) and Celeberaty Apprentice plus I had a recorded Wed's night new Project Runway and I had Paradise Hotel 2 recorded as well!!

Seven o’clock and I was done with dinner, done with my bath and kicked back on the sofa with the dog ready to get in some good uninterrupted TV time. First it was Project Runway!!! I love this show… and this week’s task was to make an outfit for the female wrestlers of WWE! Wheew!! All my favorites where still around at the end of the show….

Now it is Eight o’clock – The NEW SURIVOR! Whoo Hoo – they are in Micronesia – it is absolutely beautiful!!!! Some of my past favorites are back and I am loving it… and then…

There was an explosion at a local sugar refiner here in the local Savannah area… people heard the boom for several miles…. It was bad!! I mean really bad…. So now the next four hours are spent watching “live coverage” of the site. They had to set up trauma and triage for the workers – ambulances from surrounding counties came to transport patients to local hospitals. Med Star and Med Flight carried burned patients to other hospitals in the region… As of this morning there are still six people missing and the fire is still not out.

So in the face of this true-life reality all my reality TV shows were interrupted.

Now while my prayers go out to these families and this workers… along with my heartfelt concern and well wishes of speedy recovery I have to admit I was really quite bummed that I was missing my favorite TV shows. I know... I know… that make me somewhat kind of shallow! I realize that and I am not so very happy about the realization of this personal fault!!! I am very blessed to have family and loved ones, a place to live, and luxuries that most people don’t have… and I KNOW that and I am VERY thankful for those…. (So please no nasty comments ok?!)

But I did miss my favorite TV shows… and while that is nowhere and I truly mean NOWHERE as traumatic as those who are missing loved ones… I was kind of bummed!

Then today - I realized I could watch my favorite programs ONLINE!!! Yep! I kid you NOT! Missed an episode of Survivor? You can watch it online – in FULL!! Miss an episode of Celebrity Apprentice? You can watch that online too!! The whole thing from start to finish!!!

So that got me to thinking – You just got to LOVE Internet!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend doing things that you love… remember life is really short and you NEVER know what might be right around the corner! Take time out to enjoy life and tell those that you love – that you love them!!!

Until Next Time!


PS - Make sure you look for the upcoming SCRAPBOOKING CHALLENGE that I plan to host RIGHT here on my BLOG!!! It will be open to ALL scrapbookers with a personal cutter or without!!! I PROMISE it will be a lot of fun and there will be some GREAT prizes!!!!


Anonymous,  February 8, 2008 at 6:50 PM  

Yum, can't wait to see what the challenge entails. As for your tv shows, I totally understand. Even though at our house we are able to record two different programs at once, my husband sometimes sees fit to stop my programs in favor of his... such a bummer when you look forward to watching them and go sit down and realize they are not there. Like you said ... the internet is a perfect backup.

Anonymous,  February 22, 2008 at 10:19 AM  

*Truth be known*.....

Yep, Lori was upset cause her show was cancelled for the fire...*how dareee them have a fire on her TV show night LOL*

But what reallyyyyy upset her was when she talked to *good ole mom* on the phone and found out it was on our local channel....yanno the one channel she doesnt get! *snickerin*

So dont let her fool ya....Im not sure if she was more upset about her show being cancelled or the fact her dad and I could of watched it....whichhhh we dont!!! *gigglin*

I do have to admit though....I doooo love my kid...she is soooo much like me....cept I dont watch the same show she does!! *winks*

Love you kiddo!! HUGSSSSSSS

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