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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doing the Right Thing!

You know sometimes it is really hard to do the right thing!! With running my own business customer service has really become important to me.... If someone felt that I had wronged them in someway - then I would really hope that they would give me a chance to fix it!!!

In thinking about doing the right thing... one of the message boards that I visit daily had a thread about "creative titles and themes".... well there was one title that just cracked me up!!! I mean really cracked me up and inspired me. Inspired me so much that I created a cutter file for it. It turned out really cute!!! So I went onto that message board last night and left a note for the person who gave me the idea. I asked her to email me offline - that I had used her "suggestion" and I wanted to send her a free copy of the cut title I had made!

If you do the right thing - you will be rewarded! Maybe not now, maybe not tomorrow - but you will be reward!

So on that note - I have to say that my Nissan Dealership did THE RIGHT THING!!!!

I drove to the dealership yesterday with all my documentation in hand - and laid out my case!!! I first spoke to the Asst. General Manager and then THE General Manager.....

To make a REALLY long story short - they ended up paying the extra tax/tag fees I incurred. But they also paid my car payment and my insurance for the days that I was "legally" not allowed to drive my car!!! People this was no chump change- it was a pretty hefty sum of money!!!

Thus, I have to say that all is resolved with my car!!! Thank you Lord!! And I am very pleased, impressed, and thankful to my dealership for stepping up to the plate, saying we were wrong! We were wrong in a BIG way - and we are going to make it right!!!

So thanks to all of you for all your prayers and support with this issue! I am very happy to say that it all turned out well!!!

So lesson for today... Do the RIGHT THING!!!

Until tomorrow~

PS.... Here is a sneak peek at a few more of my new files to hit the Paperthreads store soon!!!


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