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Monday, July 30, 2007

My Entry in Scrapbooking Etc.

This month in Scrapbooking Etc. there was a a call for help. They wanted to know: "What's your secret weapon--the tool, embellishment, or paper that you can't scrap without?"

You know, I really thought about this. I mean there several items that I just can't live without but most of them are related to creating and cutting die cuts and personal cutting files. Just a week ago or so I talked about a few of my "Favorite products" that I just have to have when working my on cutting files......

Well, I decided to enter the Scrapbooking Etc call for help - but I wanted to share an all purpose, everyone - no matter what their niche in scrapping is- product! So I decided to tell them about my "Perfect Printing Pouch"!

First though, let me tell share a really cool story with you. I am a member of several message boards. Most are related to Wishblade, or to KNK , or something to do with the whole "personal cutting" world. But there is one that I hit that is just general scrapbooking. Well, the other day on this general board, someone asked the question of - what kind of ink, printer, or vellum was the best to purchase in order to print vellum inserts for an invitation.

I immediately responded that they must get a "Perfect Printing Pouch"! That, pretty much all my journaling in my scrapbooks are done on vellum and it doesn't matter what kind of ink or vellum you use - if you use the "Perfect Printing Pouch" first - then it will never smear. It will print clearly and it will dry in a fraction of the time!!!

Low and behold a few days later - the inventor of the "Perfect Printing Pouch" Amy Roszak, emailed me herself!!!! I kid you not!!! She happens to be a member of that board too! And she read my response and it made her day! Thus she just wanted to let me know!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! She also told me about her blog where you can go and see examples of how the pouch works and to get some really creative ideas on how to print on things you would never think about printing on - like fabric flowers!!!!

So back to the call for Scrapbooking Etc.... Below is a copy of the email I sent to enter their call for help!!!

In the world of scrapbooking today, there are so many cool tools, supplies and gadgets available. Most of these items are geared to certain interest, a certain scrapping style or technique. But I have found a product that is one of the most invaluable tool that everyone needs and that I personally CANNOT live with out. The “Perfect Printing Pouch”.

This little pouch makes it possible to print on ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING! From vellum, to transparencies, ribbon to flowers, metallic paper to foil –I kid you not! You name it and if you use the “perfect printing pouch”you CAN print on it!!!!

All it takes is a light rub with the pouch over the item you want to print on – and then you print! It is that easy! Every printing comes out perfect. It doesn’t smear, it dries in a fraction of the time of the normal time, and the print is clear and legible – every time.

This is a product that no matter what your scrapping style is. No matter what your favorite techniques are. You can and you must use this tool!

The “Perfect Printing Pouch” is my secret weapon in scrapbooking! I can’t live without it!!!

I guess we will see if I get picked or not!!! Meanwhile - you really should check out this product. You can find it here: http://www.scraperfect.com/

Also make sure that you check out Amy's blog for some really cool and creative ideas of things you can print on (oh and it works when using markers and pens!!). You can also see actual photos of projects with out using the pouch and with using the pouch!!

This is one product that I promise you - you will not regret purchasing!!!

Until next time ~ Keep on printing!!


Anonymous,  July 30, 2007 at 2:18 PM  

Went to see Hairspray yesterday. LOVED IT!!!!

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