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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have been a busy little bee for the past few days!

First, I FINALLY got my car tag issues taken car of (because I went and did it myself!). So now I need to take a little trip to the dealership - I plan to present my case... I personally think that it is only fair that the compensate me for the 21 days I paid a car payment and insurance but was not allowed to legally drive my car (due to them not doing what they were suppose to do!). Then to top it off - I had to pay the advalorem taxes (over $200 ) yesterday because the dealership didn't title the car within the 30 day time period and now we are less than 30 days away from Hubby's Birthday!!! So between the advalorem tax, the car payment and the insurance - it is a pretty big chunk of change! We'll see how it goes... and if it doesn't go well - you can rest assured that you will hear about it right here on my blog!!!

I have to tell ya - it was very strange to drive my car today! I felt like my butt was dragging on the ground!! LOL But there is no doubt - I LOVE THIS CAR!!! :)

Second - I have been creating files like a mad women.... For those that are looking for the Geocaching files - I uploaded them to the Paperthreads store today- so you should see them in the next few days or as soon as Michelle can get them loaded!

In addition to the Geocaching files - I have also uploaded 9 new files..... they should be in the store in the next few days as well!!! Here's a sneak peek at just a few of them!

Hope you like them!! Wish me luck with the car dealership!

Until next time~
Cya ~


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