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Friday, August 3, 2007


Oh yeah - its Friday!!! Of course it is a rainy dreary Friday - but it is Friday none the less!!! So I am looking forward to a kick back, laid back, try to be as big of a bum as I can - kind of weekend!!! Ok, Ok, Ok... that is as soon as I:

1) Get the tax stuff done for the accountant (BLAH!)
2) Get the House Cleaned up (DOUBLE BLAH!!)
3) Get Laundry Done (TRIPLE BLAH!!!)
4) Hook my KNK up and install the software (hmmm - not BLAH - but probably going to be a little stressful I think!!!!)

One of the things I love to do on my kick back, laid back, try to be as big of of bum as I can be kind of weekend is to take a bubble bath!!! Yummy!!! And my dear sweet mother in law bought me this awesome book caddy for the jacuzzi tub! I just started a new book - Oh yeah, life is looking up!!!

Hence that brings us to the free download for the day... Now this file will be going up for sale at Paperthreads - so it is a get it for free - before you can buy it file!!! Meaning - it will only be up for 24 hours!!!

The cool thing about this file is you can use just the tub, water and bubbles alone, or you can use it with the title mat (the words are stenciled so they stay together), or you can use the tub and such with your own title!!! Lots of flexibility!

Here it is - I used a little "Stickles" on the bubbles and the water to give it a little shimmer and shine!!!

File is available in the following formats:

Sorry this file is no longer available.

You'll be able to purchase it at Paperthreads soon!

KUDDOS - Big thanks to my friend Shirley for converting this to KNK for you this morning! A huge thanks to my friend Chris who converted the 11 new files that should be up in the store soon!!)

I would love to see you finished product should you use this file, or any of my files - and hey your project would be featured here on my blog - and you will get a free gift!! So come on - send those projects in!!!

Hope you have a great weekend - I think for us on the East Coast it is suppose to be rainy. (It is POURING as I sit here typing this up this morning! I mean POURING!!! Hmmmm, a rainy day means a scrapping day! That means that you can head on over to Paperthreads and buy some of my files to scrap!! Yeah Right On!!! Then you will have something to submit!!! LOL)

Until Next Time!

PS - I have to tell you I gave my great friend and fellow designer Chris Durnan an AWFUL time about her shameless plug to go buy files cause the best sellers list's at Paperthreads had been reset!! I went to see if my new files were up yet - and holy cow! I know what she means!!! It is freaky to have nothing on your Best Selling List!!!!

SOOOOOO - I am going to be shameless too and say - GO BUY MY FILES - pleeeeaaasssseeeeee!!! And after you look at mine you can look at everyone elses!!! Bahahahahahaha!!!!!!



Chris Durnan August 3, 2007 at 12:12 PM  


Okay so a "Stickle" please impart your wisdom ???


Heather Huggins August 3, 2007 at 9:25 PM  

Awesome file Lori. Yeah whats a Stickle??


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