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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Cutting it short....

Hope everyone is having a GREAT holiday weekend!!! Whoo Hooo... Looks like we might have to cut ours short!!

I had a GREAT Time at the family reunion! One of the things they do every year is play "Dirty Christmas". This is the game where you get to pick a number and based on your number - you get to take a turn to pick a wrapped gift off the table - or you can steal a gift from someone who went before you.... needless to say it is always fun to "steal" gifts and see what gifts that are "stolen" the most!!!!

For my present I added to the table - I made a two page premade scrapbooking layout - so that all the recipient had to do was add their photos!!

I am happy to report that the winner of my gift was a scrapbooker and she was VERY excited to get it!!! (If you click on the photo you can get a bigger picture)

Oh - back to my title of my post - Looks like TS Hannah (soon to be hurricane Hannah) is predicted to head - uh = straight for us!!! (yeah that pink arrow is point right at where my house is!!)

So I think we are going cut our weekend short and take tomorrow to finish up getting our hurricane shutters ready, making a plan, buying batteries and water!!! Fun Fun!!!

Needless to say we will be keeping a close watch on that one!!! I think we are expecting some feeder bands (aka wind and rain) from Gustav but that should be it!!!

So as they say in the Army - it is time to "bunker down"!!!

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Bec,  September 1, 2008 at 9:44 AM  

Your scrapbook page was a cool gift idea. You didn't mention what gift you got???? Watch out for those winds. Good thing your hubby is home to help you get ready. Maybe the storm will bounce around and miss you. I'd invite you to bunker down in Texas, but you may just be going from one storm to the other. Stay safe!

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