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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All things new...

So if you have already been to Paperthreads today you realize that something amidst! Yep - the site has been up, it has been down, it has been moved ALL around!! LOL (Hmmmm, sounds like the Hokey Pokey!!! Bahahaha!)

Anywhoooo - for those that are a wondering what is going on at Paperthreads - are moving to a new server!!! Let me hear you holler - "OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" Yes this is a good thing!! Both the store and the forum with move a lot lot lot faster once it is all done!!! Normally this can take days or weeks to get moved over and up and running - but as always our wonderful, fearless leader Michelle - rocks!! And she is getting it done in warp speed!!!!

When it is all moved over - the site will no longer move like pond water when you are out there trying to buy MY wonderful files!!! (Ok, ok.... my wonderful files or anyone else's!!!) ROFLMBO!!!

So I'll just ask for patience from all of you - my dear blog readers in this time of transformation - and while it hurts a little right now - it will be WELL WORTH IT IN THE END!!!

Now, having said that - I promise, promise, promise... my Geocaching , along with all my other new files are scheduled to be one of the first sets to hit the store once the new server is up and running!!!! I know it has been a long much awaited wait - not tooo much longer!!! I SWEAR!!!

Once again let me go ahead and say thank you soooo much for your patience in this move to the new server!!!

Along with the new server - the workers are here today at my house - scrapping the ceiling, painting and respraying!! Can you say DUSTY MESS!!!! (Hack, hack hack - this is me trying to breath my way though it!!!)

So until next time!

Cya ~


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