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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So Sorry!!!

I know, I know, I know... I am a horrible terrible person - as I didn't blog yesterday at all!!! For that I am soooooooo terrible sorry!!! It was a busy, busy, busy day running here and running there -plus I am dealing with some major family issues that are just draining me of my time and energy!!!! So, please forgive me? Pretty Please?!?!

I thought for today I would share a REALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING email I received from one of you... my readers!!!!

Hi Lori--

I'm sure you get a million emails about your wonderful files, but I wanted to send you a thank-you. A few weeks back you offered the "Rainy Days of Summer" file on your blog. I downloaded it and it inspired me. Just a few days later we had a summer micro-burst (we live in a desert so rain doesn't last long). I took advantage of the situation and took a million pictures, hoping to get a few good ones to use with your cute file. Here is the layout that I just finished--I wanted you to know that I appreciate your hard work, your talent and your generosity in sharing the file. I though you might be interested in seeing "the fruit of your labors". I had fun doing the layout--your file cut so great!!!

Thanks again,
Nikki in Utah

I have to tell you I TOTALLY LOVE this layout!!! It does my heart (and my ego) good to see the wonderful projects that all of you created using my designs!!! It also just amazes me how people take something I design and make in to there own!! I would have never thought about using the gummies or the umbrella on their own... much less cutting them out of patterned paper!! DUH!!! But they are awesome!!!!

Thank you sooooo much Nikki for allowing me to share this!!!! My hope that it inspires others.

Until next time!

Cya ~

PS - if you are looking for the "Rainy Days of Summer" you can find it at the store!!! (Just click on the title - it will take you right to it!!!)

PSS - Did I tell you that Nikki gets to pick out any one of my free files for free for sharing her project with me?!?!? Whoo Hooo!!!


Heather Huggins August 7, 2007 at 9:20 AM  

Your so busy I don't see how you have time to blog at all.How do you do it?
Super cute layout! I love that file too... I should get busy and make up some layouts with your cute files!! TIME I NEED more TIME...

Heather :)

Anonymous,  August 7, 2007 at 9:27 AM  

Awesome file and layout. I saw it on Paperthreads and was blown away by it! I commented on the gallery at Paperthreads that I love the file and the way Nikki used the files. So pats on the backs of both of you!


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