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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday, Sunday...

So here it is... Sunday morning - on what was suppose to be a kick back, laid back kind of weekend... I think I need a repeat on what "was suppose to be"...

I went back and checked my "To Do" list that I posted on Friday - and ummmm- well - NUMBER ONE is done.... and... yeah, well NUMBER ONE is done!!! LOL (But even I have to admit number one was a major undertaking!!!)

As most of you know by now - I have a really good gal pal that I go to the movies with almost every weekend. (This is also my friend that is an attorney!!!) Needless to say, this girl's hang out time really helps de-stress the both of us! And if we are not going to the movies then normally we are getting our toes done!!! (Oh what joy - pure joy - to get a pedicure *sigh* !)

But I digress - Yesterday we went and saw "No Reservations". It was really pretty good - most definitely a chick flick! Your hubby, boyfriend, or best guy pal probably isn't going to like this one! But over all it was pretty good!! There were a couple of funny scenes that made me laugh but there were a lot of really sad parts. I mean like tear jerker sad parts! Which I totally was not expecting! But of course - as in all chick flicks - there was a happy ending!

Over all I would give "No Reservations": Three and a half chocolate bars (out of five) and a diet coke (no spewing through the nose though!!)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

God Bless ~

PS - I guess I should tell you for the record - I'm a pretty harsh movie critic. When you go to the movies almost every weekend - well you see A LOT of movies!! Thus I found I get pretty tough on my critic's!! Haha.


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