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Saturday, August 11, 2007


I know it seems to take forever.... but thanks to Michelle's hard work along with several of the other designers - ALL of Paperthreads has been moved to its own dedicated server!!! And it was done in less than two days!!!

This means faster loading, faster viewing, and unlimited people shopping at one time!!!! How much better can it get?!?!

So a HUGE round of applause and thank you's to that group of great gals!! (I just love the people I work with!!)

On that note...

All 11 0f my new files are up at the store!!!
Wooooo Hooooo!!!

These new 11 files include the long awaited Geocaching files..... so head on over and check it out!! (I would love, love love to see these files hit the best sellers list!! That would be awesome!!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Cya ~


Friday, August 10, 2007

Put a fork in me...

I'm Done!!! Well - almost done. I am actually waiting on the carpet to dry so I can finish moving in all the furniture and such. But other than having to move everything back in its place - I am done!!!

It has been a LONG LONG LONG process - but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel!!! The contractor's have departed and shall not be back until they have constructed my new kitchen counter top that they must now replace! PEOPLE!!! Sheessh!!! LOL

So - I don't think my 20 min color choice was too bad!! It sure does look different though..... Our house is the same cream color through out the whole house exceptfor my scrapbooking room (which if you look at a previous post it is purple - I mean in your face purple!! LOL)

Hence - color is - ummm.... different. Well different in my house anyway!! LOL

Drum roll please.... I decided to go with "galapagos green"!

What do you think??? It is a great contrast against the cream color (kessler white). I'm thinking I will have my furniture recovered in a taupe, chocolate or a camel brown color...

Until next time, hope you have a GREAT WEEKEND!

Cya ~


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Don't be a Hater!!!!

So I am begging and pleading.... please, please, please, please my dear friends, family, and loyal blog readers... Don't hate me!!!!

I know I have been extremely terrible about blogging the last few days... but I promise in the next few days or so I will make it up to you!!! (But it probably will not be tomorrow!!! Or maybe it will.... hmmmmm.....)

If you have been reading my blog you will know my house got major flooded a few weeks ago and I am STILL dealing with the aftermath....

The restoration company was here yesterday - and they scrapped the ceiling in the dinning room, the living room, and the kitchen. After they scrapped all the popcorn junk off - they had to seal the water damaged area and then they had to re-spray the ceilings.... well when they went to pull the plastic off the walls - off came the paint!!!

Sooooooo - today they had to repaint all the walls in the dinning room, the living room and the kitchen!!!

Now the good thing about this is I have freshly painted walls!!! Wooo hoooo!!! And I had actually been talking about painting an accent wall in my living room for some time now - since the restoration company had to paint anyway - I was like - hey will you paint one wall a different color - they were like sure!!!

For those of you who know me - you know it took me over four weeks and 28 paint chips to decided what color to paint my scrapbooking room - today I had 20 min to decided!!!

YIKES!!!!!! So the decision has been made - and tomorrow they come back to paint that wall, clean the carpets, replace the ceiling fan and some insulation in the attic and they SHOULD have been done.... but no!

Due to an accident by one of their workers - they now have to replace one of my kitchen counter tops!!!! I tell you - if it isn't one thing is is another.....

So having said ALL OF THAT..... I have been helping here at the job site... and that is why I have been so late on my blogging!!

I hope you will forgive me.... and I will leave you with a photo of what the "accent wall" looked like before the new color - and hopefully tomorrow I will have an updated photo of the new and improved focal point!!!!

Anyone want to take a guess at what color I picked out???

Until next time!



Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All things new...

So if you have already been to Paperthreads today you realize that something amidst! Yep - the site has been up, it has been down, it has been moved ALL around!! LOL (Hmmmm, sounds like the Hokey Pokey!!! Bahahaha!)

Anywhoooo - for those that are a wondering what is going on at Paperthreads - are moving to a new server!!! Let me hear you holler - "OH YEAH! OH YEAH!" Yes this is a good thing!! Both the store and the forum with move a lot lot lot faster once it is all done!!! Normally this can take days or weeks to get moved over and up and running - but as always our wonderful, fearless leader Michelle - rocks!! And she is getting it done in warp speed!!!!

When it is all moved over - the site will no longer move like pond water when you are out there trying to buy MY wonderful files!!! (Ok, ok.... my wonderful files or anyone else's!!!) ROFLMBO!!!

So I'll just ask for patience from all of you - my dear blog readers in this time of transformation - and while it hurts a little right now - it will be WELL WORTH IT IN THE END!!!

Now, having said that - I promise, promise, promise... my Geocaching , along with all my other new files are scheduled to be one of the first sets to hit the store once the new server is up and running!!!! I know it has been a long much awaited wait - not tooo much longer!!! I SWEAR!!!

Once again let me go ahead and say thank you soooo much for your patience in this move to the new server!!!

Along with the new server - the workers are here today at my house - scrapping the ceiling, painting and respraying!! Can you say DUSTY MESS!!!! (Hack, hack hack - this is me trying to breath my way though it!!!)

So until next time!

Cya ~


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

So Sorry!!!

I know, I know, I know... I am a horrible terrible person - as I didn't blog yesterday at all!!! For that I am soooooooo terrible sorry!!! It was a busy, busy, busy day running here and running there -plus I am dealing with some major family issues that are just draining me of my time and energy!!!! So, please forgive me? Pretty Please?!?!

I thought for today I would share a REALLY AWESOME AND AMAZING email I received from one of you... my readers!!!!

Hi Lori--

I'm sure you get a million emails about your wonderful files, but I wanted to send you a thank-you. A few weeks back you offered the "Rainy Days of Summer" file on your blog. I downloaded it and it inspired me. Just a few days later we had a summer micro-burst (we live in a desert so rain doesn't last long). I took advantage of the situation and took a million pictures, hoping to get a few good ones to use with your cute file. Here is the layout that I just finished--I wanted you to know that I appreciate your hard work, your talent and your generosity in sharing the file. I though you might be interested in seeing "the fruit of your labors". I had fun doing the layout--your file cut so great!!!

Thanks again,
Nikki in Utah

I have to tell you I TOTALLY LOVE this layout!!! It does my heart (and my ego) good to see the wonderful projects that all of you created using my designs!!! It also just amazes me how people take something I design and make in to there own!! I would have never thought about using the gummies or the umbrella on their own... much less cutting them out of patterned paper!! DUH!!! But they are awesome!!!!

Thank you sooooo much Nikki for allowing me to share this!!!! My hope that it inspires others.

Until next time!

Cya ~

PS - if you are looking for the "Rainy Days of Summer" you can find it at the store!!! (Just click on the title - it will take you right to it!!!)

PSS - Did I tell you that Nikki gets to pick out any one of my free files for free for sharing her project with me?!?!? Whoo Hooo!!!


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday, Sunday...

So here it is... Sunday morning - on what was suppose to be a kick back, laid back kind of weekend... I think I need a repeat on what "was suppose to be"...

I went back and checked my "To Do" list that I posted on Friday - and ummmm- well - NUMBER ONE is done.... and... yeah, well NUMBER ONE is done!!! LOL (But even I have to admit number one was a major undertaking!!!)

As most of you know by now - I have a really good gal pal that I go to the movies with almost every weekend. (This is also my friend that is an attorney!!!) Needless to say, this girl's hang out time really helps de-stress the both of us! And if we are not going to the movies then normally we are getting our toes done!!! (Oh what joy - pure joy - to get a pedicure *sigh* !)

But I digress - Yesterday we went and saw "No Reservations". It was really pretty good - most definitely a chick flick! Your hubby, boyfriend, or best guy pal probably isn't going to like this one! But over all it was pretty good!! There were a couple of funny scenes that made me laugh but there were a lot of really sad parts. I mean like tear jerker sad parts! Which I totally was not expecting! But of course - as in all chick flicks - there was a happy ending!

Over all I would give "No Reservations": Three and a half chocolate bars (out of five) and a diet coke (no spewing through the nose though!!)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

God Bless ~

PS - I guess I should tell you for the record - I'm a pretty harsh movie critic. When you go to the movies almost every weekend - well you see A LOT of movies!! Thus I found I get pretty tough on my critic's!! Haha.

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